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    I tried to set up a new account in Win8.

    The whole process of accounts is terrible!

    I was logged in as Administrator & wanted to change the name of the Administrator & add a new account.

    What I ended up with is a new new account that is the Administrator's & no password to access it.

    It asked me to type in my Email address & that was it. It made that the ADMIN account & will not take any of my passwords.

    Does anyone have a solution or do I just reload Win8 PR?

    I knew something like this would happen, so I never loaded any important stuff.

    Why would the system let any change to the Admin account be made?


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    There is no "the" admin acount. Any account can have admin privs. "Administrator" is an admin account and the first user also has admin privs available through escalation.

    When you say "logged in as Administrator" do you mean that you were you logged into the account named "Administrator" and can you still log into that? If so, you can add a password to your new user account like normal.

    I don't think anything really changed from 7 in that regard? Other than the odd new preferred scheme of using a persons email address as an account name
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    I don't have any administrator account!

    I have 2 standard accounts but NO administrator account.

    My administartor account is GONE!


    How could this happed
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    Well you could have changed the name of the administrator account, you mentioned you wanted to do that but it would still be the administrator account. You can only tell once you are logged in and look at the properties for the user. It may also be possible to actually delete the administrator account, though I've never tried to do that

    Have you tried logging into either of the two accounts with no password? Just hitting enter at the password prompt?
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