I have an ASUS
vivobook S500Ca which came preinstalled with Windows 8 Home Premium in Oct
2013. I had made a USB for the purpose of reinstalling it at any point. Name on
this USB is 'Recovery'. It has around 13 GB size with 6 .swm files of around
2GB each. S
o it happened and my hard disk crashed such that I can't even go to BIOS without removing it.
I replaced it. Now when I insert this Recovery USB - it boots however it gives
me option only to 'Troubleshoot' and nothing to 'Install' windows. [If I choose
'troubleshoot' I get 'Refresh your PC, Reset your PC and Advanced
options'. Under 'Advanced options' I get 'system restore, system image
recovery' etc however they don't work saying 'Can't find a system image on this
computer'. ]

I looked on the Net and can't find a the Win 8 installable to download. Everywhere it's for
8.1. Moreover it asks for the license key to download on Microsoft site. I
believe in my case key'd be built in BIOS.

Can you please help in this situation - either to be able to install thru my USB drive or find
a Win 8 installable download. Ultimately I'd like to upgrade to 10. Your help
will be appreciated. Thanks Naveen