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Replace C: drive with bigger disk - clone OS somehow?

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    Replace C: drive with bigger disk - clone OS somehow?

    I have Windows 8.1 Pro running and my C: drive is an SSD which is only 120GB. I'd like to replace it with a large drive, but I don't want to go through the headache of reinstalling Windows, reinstalling all my apps, etc.

    Is there a way to:

    1. connect a replacement drive
    2. clone my present 120GB C: drive to the new drive
    3. switch them, boot off the new drive, and everything works the same as before (except I have more space)

    I don't mind buying a third-party product if that's the best route. Someone mentioned CloneZilla to me but I'm not that familiar with it. Obviously, the partitions won't be the same in the sense of doing a 1:1 clone new drive would have a much larger partition :-)


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    I've used Macrium Reflect free version for creating a backup of my 1TB HDD and used the backup on my 250GB SSD.
    Ofcourse I had a lot of stuff removed and had the free space trimmed to let the backup fit.
    For you it would be much easier as you don't have to trim any space.

    Short answer, yes there is a very easy way to do.

    EDIT: only thing required is creating a bootable USB or CD with Macrium, a Windows PE (Pre Environment) to use the backup
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    EDIT: only thing required is creating a bootable USB or CD with Macrium, a Windows PE (Pre Environment) to use the backup
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    Install Macrium in the current drive and connect the new drive to your PC. Click on clone and select the new drive as the destination drive. Disconnect your current drive and boot up.
    Click image for larger version

    EDIT: After booting up from the new drive, Open disk management, right click on it the select Extend Volume.
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    See my guide using Macrium Reflect Free 'Idiots Guide' to Transferring Windows from a HDD to a SSD
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Replace C: drive with bigger disk - clone OS somehow?
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