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Correct path for Recovery in BCDedit

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    Correct path for Recovery in BCDedit

    Hi everyone,

    I have HP250 (without CD/DVD ROM). Windows 8.1 OS. I need help to "recover" my HP Recovery Manager and I am on finish line! ... i hope

    recently i've parted my hard with EasyUS(damn it). Right after i couldn't use Recovery manager. Thanks this Forum, especially to SIW2 and KYHI. Posts helped me to find my recovery partitions, set correct attributes and repair Reagentc.

    I also tried to restore notebook (2nd option in SS#1) but i still cannot use Recovery manager - Recovery option is not active for me - SS#2 - option 2and3 in "i need immediate help" (sorry, i use 3rd party ScreenShots since my menu is not English).
    In SS#3 i show my reagentc, volumes and partitions
    Click image for larger versionClick image for larger versionClick image for larger version
    My reagentc /info seems to be correct
    But the only thing that makes me worry is recovery volume in bcdedit(below). It says - Volume1 but i am pretty sure it should be Volume4

    I believe it's the only thing i have to change, number 1to4, to be able to use Recovery manager. Am i right?
    I hope so much that i am right!

    Windows Boot Loader
    identifier {bf1ddcd1-3690-11e5-bf77-b0c2045b2ae1}
    device ramdisk=[\Device\HarddiskVolume1]\Recovery\WindowsRE\Win
    path \windows\system32\winload.efi
    description Windows Recovery Environment
    locale ru-RU
    inherit {6efb52bf-1766-41db-a6b3-0ee5eff72bd7}
    displaymessage Recovery
    osdevice ramdisk=[\Device\HarddiskVolume1]\Recovery\WindowsRE\Win
    systemroot \windows
    nx OptIn
    bootmenupolicy Standard
    winpe Yes
    custom:46000010 Yes
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Correct path for Recovery in BCDedit
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