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Serious failure and problem with installation

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    Serious failure and problem with installation

    On my 64 bit Windows 7 Ultimate computer, I used a guide from CNET to install Windows 8 Preview Release. I first shrunk a partition, formatted it, named it a simple directory (K), put the MS download assistant on it and ran it as an administrator, so that the installation would be downloaded to K, and it appeared to be doing just that. Everything worked (download and installation) until the window came up to enter windows live email address. In accordance with the advice from the CNET writer, he said "If you choose to enter a Windows Live ID here, make sure you have access to your email and can confirm your computer. Otherwise it might not let you boot into it. Since I do not use Window Live, I chose the option SKIP on the bottom. That might have been fatal. The next step SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE OPENING OF WINDOWS 8 graphical boot menu which would have allowed me to selerct Windows 7 as default, and therefore enabled a Dual Boot capability.
    What actually happened is that nothing happened. I did not get the Win 8 boot screen. Finally I turned off the computer and restarted it,l and then I got the Win 8 Welcome screen greeting me, but after about 15 seconds it disappeared and my cursor appeared on a totally black screen. Nothing more. Shutting down and starting gave me the same result. No Windows 8 and no Windows 7.
    Frustrated, I booted the computer from my Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit installation disk, and tried the repair function. It found an error, corrected it, and then booted me back to the ineffective Win 8 15 second boot and disapperaring act.
    The Win 7 installation DVD will not UPDATE except from a functioning system. The alternative is to lose all settings and have to reinstall both Win 7 Ultimate 64 and all my software.
    I have tried everything I know to get the computer to boot from the Win 7 boot sector, but no luck. Before I do a complete new installation, I am looking for suggestion as to how to get the computer to boot itself back in Win 7.

    I tried F2, F10, F11, Delete key, but nothing brings me back to the Win 7 boot sector. Any help will be appreciated. If any guru is anywhere in Europe, I would be happy to call you and try to get this figured out. My last choice is to completely re-install Win 7, so I can actually see if my Win 8 is located on the K partition. It is about 100 GB so plenty of room for the Win 8.
    Waldie (Ireland)

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    The key you are after is f8 that should bring up the boot menu and then you should be able to choose between windows 8 and windows 7. Once you are on I would suggest downloading easybcd this allows you to easily change the boot menu. Have you tried putting the windows 8 disk in and repairing it from that.
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    Portsmouth Hants
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    Waldie, over on sevenforums, the sister site to this, they recommend that you should run startup repair three times for windows 7.

    This apparently enables the BCD to be thoroughly repaired. A single pass may repair some problems, exposing deeper problems etc.

    I would concentrate on getting 7 working again, and getting rid of the incomplete 8 installation.

    Boot from the win 7 setup disk.

    Give your location and when you get to the install Windows screen select repair your computer.

    The system recovery options will open.

    Press shift+f10 together, and a command prompt window should open, with the prompt at x:\sources>

    Welcome to WinRE!

    This limited version of windows will enable you to see where your windows 8 is located. There is no windows explorer, so if you are not used to the command console, you might feel more comfortable in the windows environment.

    type notepad and then press Enter

    When notepad pops up, click file, open and a file open dialog will show.

    go down to Files of type: and select all files

    Now you should be in familiar territory

    Select computer in the left side bar

    and your drives should show in the right pane.

    One of them should be your windows 8 installation - explore it but don't close the window - and when you are satisfied click on computer again to show all the drives. make a note of the drive letter of the windows 8 installation - we shall now format it. For the example I shall assume it is L: (I know it was k:, but everything changes)

    click on the command window, and at the prompt type format L: /q (remember to use the drive letter you noted earlier)
    if asked to unmount it enter y
    label the volume - it is useful to have a name when the drive letters keep changing

    A few seconds later and the windows 8 volume has been reformatted

    If you go back to notepad, you can confirm the status of the drive, with the new label and free space.

    go back and allow the recovery to repair and restart, and repeat twice more.

    Then let us know what happened. If there are still problems, we will help you get back your windows 7. Best of luck
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    To Pancool, I treid F8 and it did not do anything. Just continued to boot into a failing F8.
    I did not install Win8 using any DVD. I downloaded the installation from MS. No media involved.
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    To fafhrd: I will try the 3 time repair and see if that helps. Will follow your helpful notes carefully. Since you are in England, It would be convenient if I could call you if I get stuck.
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    Windows 8 release preview

    Normally f8 brings the boot menu up so somethings not working properly if that doesn't work but i normally start pressing is as soon as I turn on the device. Sometimes the bios will bring up a thing ask what device to boot from but after choosing keep pressing it until something comes up. Just keep repeatedly pressing it. If windows boots up and it doesn't come up with the boot menu then it isn't working.
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    To fafhrd: I followed your instructions and used the command prompt. My Win 8 installation was not on K but on X BOOT.
    I issued the ionstruction to format that drive,l but got the response that it could not be formatted because it is write protected. How can I remove the write protection of the X drive? Obviously if I could access my C drive or the system partition I could start my computer in Win 7, but rioght now X is getting in the way.
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    Portsmouth Hants
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    Waldie, the command prompt says x:\sources> that is the recovery environment, not the Windows 8 installation drive.

    get to the command prompt again, type notepad <enter>, and select file,open, click computer in the left sidebar and in the right pane, what drives do you see?

    Since I cannot send a personal message to you - you have them blocked - perhaps you would PM me?
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    Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
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    Depending on what you did there may not be a Windows 7 to repair. If you didn't do a custom install, where it lets you pick the partition to install too, it will do an upgrade. Upgrade replaces windows 7 with Windows 8. Your files may still be there, also depending on what you did during the install. If you delete or format the wrong partition they may be lost though. There is an option to create a local account instead of a windows live ID account logon. That might be a mute point now though. If you did do an upgrade and not a dual boot that would explain why you are not getting the OS selection screen. I'd try what fafhrd suggested, to see what your disk structure looks like.
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    To fathrd: I am unable to find the location of the win8 installation. When I am using notepad, and ask for all files I find the following:
    Drives C, D, E, G all are exactly as they were before this fiasco. I System Reserve now shows 33.7 MB used and shows Temp folder dated 6/9/2012 and contains several text documents (very small) K drive contains only the Windows Release Preview Upgrade Assistant application which I put in there 6/9/2012, and which I activated using Run as Administrator command yesterday.
    Then there is X drive, called BOOT, which contains files folders Program Files, Services, Users, and Windows. In Windows most files are dATED 7/13/2009 so it looks like my Win 7 Ultimate is there. Just a few entries in Windows show date 6/10/2012. Also in X BOOT is setup application.
    All the windows 8 files I downloaded yesterday do not aseem to be anywhere.
    As I said, X is write protected so it would not allow me to format. I guess I am glad about that.
    Now, having divulged everything I can see on my computer, how can I get the computer to boot into Win 7, and thern figure out if it is worthwhile trying to install Win 8 as a dual boot. I have this spare K partition just waiting to become the container for Win 8.
    I would be most happy to call you in Sussex and request your verbal guidance.
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Serious failure and problem with installation
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