Its working. But, I found an interesting "thing" or a bug or how it works.

A bunch installed programs now show "install date" as the day of Windows 8/8.1 Upgrade. I like to be able to see what was installed when and now and then remove stuff.

I am not sure whether Win 7 > Win 8 did it or next > Win 8.1

I think it might have been Win 8.1 doing a "reinstall" programs/ applications (if I saw that happening late night on the screen).

Thoughts? Is this something that's by design?

Also, is there any easy way to "pre-choose" some of the options that come on Win 8 & 8.1 Update Screens (ahead of time) instead of being there to click them all. (yeah im familiar with Unattended installs).. I'd like to do that but without having to pick and click each option when I run this late night.