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Is Windows 8 Classic Still a Viable OS Choice?

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    Is Windows 8 Classic Still a Viable OS Choice?

    Hi Folks:

    If I wanted to upgrade my HP xw8200 to something compatible, would going with the original Windows 8 be a valid choice to make? I prefer v8.1, but I figured that with Windows 8, I could still run the x64 version on my older PC without the need for SSE2 and NX capabilities on a newer machine. Is that correct?

    Would I still receive patches and updates for the original Windows 8, or is that done now? Also, with Classic Shell, could I force Windows 8 to boot to the desktop?

    Any other "gotchas" that I'd run into by opting for the original Windows 8?

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    I think you'll be forced to update window 8 to 8.1. or not get any updates at all! Yes Classic Shell will boot to Log in then desktop. Will also turn off all the hot corners Metro crap you can set it up pretty much how you want they have basic setting for Win 7 and XP the whole start program is configurable.
    So yea you might as well just clean install windows 8.1. If you want to use a local User leave the computer off the network while you clean install. A local account you will set up as you do for previous version of window.
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    Actually, I found some articles that tell me January 2016 is the deadline for Windows 8 updates, so at that point you'd need to move to Windows 8.1. So I may as well stick to Vista on this old machine.
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    You should be able to run Windows 8.1 32 bit, only 64 bit has the dependencies you mentioned. Of course you can only use 4GB of ram with 32 bit.
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    That I'm aware of, but going back to an x86 OS seems to be a backward step to me. At least with Vista, I have my 7 gb of RAM.
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    Agreed, not something I'd do either.
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Is Windows 8 Classic Still a Viable OS Choice?
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