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New Builds: Duel Boot, ? Secure Boot

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    New Builds: Duel Boot, ? Secure Boot

    I have two Asus M5A97 R 2.0 LE and one Asus M5A97 R 2.0 MBs. I want to do the following:

    Duel booth them in the following manner. The main OS will be on an SSD. The trial (Win 10) will be on a second HD (not SSD.)

    In addition, I want to use a third HD for data and do this on a clean install.

    I know how to move the user folder by doing a single clean install but I am not sure I can have two Win OSs on two different drives using the same third HD to place the user folder.

    My plan is to keep the OSs totally separate and using the bios to select the drives.

    1) Can this be done?
    2) Is it best for me to DISABLE SECURE BOOT IF I DO THIS?

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    Secure boot is a pain. might as well disable it.

    1. With all HD's disconnected except the SSD. Install the main OS
    2. Disconnect the SSD and connect the second HD. Install Win 10
    3. Connect everything back: SSD, HD1,HD2
    4. Boot up using the boot menu if available so you don't have to reconfigure the BIOS.
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    Thanks. Makes sense. Will do.
    You know, I have tried to read as much as possible about secure boot because I thought the extra security might be worth it. However, how many people do you know have gotten infected by a root it...none for me.
    So, you are probably right. Secure boot just makes life more difficult for those who want to use/try different OS on the same machine.
    I hope the day does not come when a person will have no choice but to use it.
    When I am done with these builds I need to make an audio-visual PC and plan to use a DDR4 MB and possibly a Xenon. Figure, do it now before secure boot become the only path!
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    There is one thing I forgot to ask. During the initial instillation of 7 or 8.1, I will be using audit mode to move the user folder to the HD.
    So, I have an SSD, my primary drive that will contain my main OS. I assume this will be C:
    There is the second drive containing the secondary OS...will this be D: ??
    Then there is the data drive, which I assume will be E:
    Finally, I have my DVD RW which will be F.

    Can both OSs write to the D drive. How to set up using Audit mode the second time around with Win 10.

    I assume it would be too complicated to partition the 128 g SSD for both OSs.

    Do I need a forth drive to write the data from the second OS? Or, do I partition the data drive so data from each OS is separated.

    Not really certain how to do this.

    Thank you!
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    you can install windows 8.1 on your SSD - shrink the C partition by 50-60GB and then install windows 10 to the SSD

    from that point on everything is just a drive letter assignment

    I have Vista, windows 7, windows 8.1 and windows 10 all on the same HDD and I have a second Data disk as well

    the drive letter only matters to the OS that is booted.. or you can assign the data disk the same drive letter from within each OS
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    However, I want to move the user folder to the data drive. That is done as I understand using the Audit Mode during instillation. I would think the data drive would need two partitions...that is can two OSs share the same user folder?
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    Windows 3.1 > Windows 10

    you can relocate your user folders (Music, Video, Docs, Pics, etc) to the data drive by choosing customize and changing the folder location..

    do this in both OS's and point each to the same folder location

    All your USER settings will remain in the appdata folder within each OS - only the USER storage folders will be re-located
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    user folder audit mode..

    yes, I understand the use of the location function. However, what I wanted to do is use the audit function at os instilation to move the entire folder this way...but how to do with two OSs?
    User Profiles - Relocate to another Partition or Disk[1]=User%20Accounts
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew124C41 View Post
    yes, I understand the use of the location function. However, what I wanted to do is use the audit function at os instilation to move the entire folder this way...but how to do with two OSs?
    User Profiles - Relocate to another Partition or Disk[1]=User%20Accounts
    Sorry to be late getting back to you. I had guests in my house so did not have a chance to log into the forum.
    Since you PM and asked me to take a look at what you are trying to do. I'll answer you here.
    May I ask what is the purpose that you want to use the audit mode to relocate the user profile ? Saving space ?
    Trying to relocate a use profile for one OS is bad enought and trying to use the same user profile for multiple OS's is asking for more trouble.

    You can save space by:
    1. Doing as suggested by KYHI above to to redirect saved data to another drive.
    2. Making a habit of saving your personal data to another drive.

    I always believe doing thing according to the standard and keeping it simple.

    FYI, I have tons of applications installed and my user profile is only taking up 3GB of space, not big enough for me to be concerned.
    Having relocated user profile will in some case causes Windows Update to fail and specially when you are trying to update to the coming Windows 10.

    So I suggest to keep everything simple. Relocate all documents, pictures, music etc... to anothe internal drive for each OS you install then you can access them no matter what OS you are booting up with.

    Hope this help !!!
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    Moving User Folder With App Data

    In my present windows 7 computers, I used a small program to change environmental variables (I think) by making changes to the registry. This moved the Users folder along with App Data to either a second partition or drive.

    The purpose was not for saving space but rather for isolation or the OS and All DATA (or as much of it as possible) on a separate drive or partition. (Kid does not have separate drive, just partition.)

    Windows 7 of course is not using GPT and does not have the OS restoration function that Windows 8.1 has. (BTW, I still use Windoes 7 as does the rest of my family. I am only familiar with Windows 8.1 because as a sort of hobby, I help people with their computers. I had to restore my pastor's mother's laptop to factory settings and put the shell on it to make it look like 7.)

    So, I have been using Acronis 2014 strictly to backup my OS. I do in the following manner. First I do a full backup right after instillation first the C: drive and then the D: drive with no data but the user and app data there. Then I install all the progranms that I normalll use and I do a second full backup of both C: and D: I will then do differentials only of C: at various times over about a year. After that, I think you are including all sorts of junk so if there was a total system crash, I would go back to an earlier backup and would of course have to do system and program totally foolproof way, I suppose.

    As for my data, since I do not have a lot of it, I do not want to use a proprietory system like Acronis for that, but rather I simply do bit for bit syncs with my backup external drive and cloud.

    I am going to start doing photos and video so I think I am probably going to have to use something like Acronis for the data.

    Finally, I have a couple of old machines which I am going to turn into baby NASs using Amahi Turn an Old PC Into a NAS, VPN, Media Streamer, and More with Amahi Additionally, I am going to be creating a number of websites which will give me a server which I can use for my own personal cloud using Own Cloud
    So, in summary, I have thought that moving users and app data to a sepearate physical drive would simply things for me. Yes, I have read that Microsoft does not recommend doing this because of problems with updating. However, I have always done clean installs. The thing is, it is my understanding that you will not be able to keep your technical preview of 10 but have to possibility of doing a clean install of 10 unless you buy it...though I am not certain of this. Parenthetically, I just got that email that the preview of the latest Office is available.

    Speaking of Office, you might get a laugh out of this. Sometimes new is not better. Personally, I like the organization of the 2003! Outlook with its Master Catagory List. Being a stuborn fellow, I still use a flip phone and a Palm Pilot which does not play nice with 64 bit. So...I run an old XP just when I have to backup my Outlook! Addtionally, I am still using Office reason to update. If its not broke, don't fix. it.

    1991 I puchased my first PC Clone, put a $700 modem/fax board on it, running DOS. Had I known what I know now, would I have purchased a MAC like my brother? As a physician, I thought computers were to serve us. I never knew that I would have to become an IT expert simply to own a PC. One time I was running DOS, Windows 3.0, and Xenix to manage my practice! "So it goes..."
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New Builds: Duel Boot, ? Secure Boot
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