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Windows 8 Release Preview freezing

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    Windows 8 Release Preview freezing

    The release preview is freezing when I use Chrome or IE when playing internet games or video. When I try to exit the browser it doesn't allow me to but I can get back to the METRO interface but clicking on icons fails to run anything.

    One thing I had to do in the previous version of windows was disable hardware acceleration under settings in video in order to stop the crashing.

    I had problems with Chrome and it remembering my profile. I went to the folder (default) where my details are stored and renamed it. It started fine then second time around it wouldn't work. The same process would work all over again but I think its a disk problem.

    Any ideas ? I did download the latest HP Drivers for video with no luck. The hard disk had to be checked several times when booting up because I had to pull the power cable in order to restart.

    **edit, it just crashed again while posting this thread. I was only browsing with text pages so I'm clueless as to what is causing the crashes. It's like it doesn't support dynamic web pages or something. Chrome isn't working well at all, the scroll bars wont work and the pages tries to keep loading for ages with no progression. any ideas ?
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    Windows 8 RP

    same issues, can't detect whats fails
    Lenovo B570, Intel Core i5 Sandy Bridge (CPU + Intel HD Graphics 3000), 8GB RAM, Nvidia 410M (doesn't use it in typical tasks)
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    windows 8 release preview, chrome os, android 4.0, windows 7, osx lion

    same issues, and i can confirm a crash without chrome open at all (so it's not chrome)...
    I'm using ivy bridge with an h77 board. i had the same issues with windows 8 consumer preview, and gave up with that...
    i thought this would be solved by now... I do run raid5 with intel's h77 and installed release and beta 11.5 intel rapid storage technology driver.

    i suspect the intel video drivers, because a friend is running w8 fine and doesn't use built in graphics. but i certainly can't be sure... the machine seems very likely to not crash if i'm not interacting with it locally... (I've never seen it crash while accessing it via remote desktop, or using it as a file server)
    I'm using the built-in driver for intel HD graphics 4000, which is slightly newer than the currently available windows 8 beta driver from intel.

    the rest of the drivers i was getting crashes with built-in, and after updating to latest win7 64-bit releases.

    i have 8GB samsung ddr3 1600, i5 3570k quad core ivy bridge, intel dh77df motherboard, apple cinema display 27" LED displayport, dell 24" led via dvi, intel 320 160GB SSD, 4x3TB raid5...

    other programs i have installed but haven't ruled out 100%, plex media server, utorrent, google drive (although i didnt have this when i had the same freezing in windows 8 consumer preview), vmware player, firefox 12,

    this is windows 8 release preview x64
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    I have the same issue. I can go about 2 hours now in Chrome before I get the hang. It was much worse (about 5 - 10 minutes) before I set Chrome to Windows 7 compatibility. I am trying to figure out if there is a "tell" before it happens so I can reboot without have to power cycle.
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    Vista and Win7

    Same problem here. Some say it is the graphics driver. Unfortunately there is no Win8 version for my GPU.
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    WIN8 RP

    Same issue.

    Core i7 2600k

    Reinstalled over 5 times.

    Fresh install seems to reduce the frequency of the problem.

    Problem does not seem exclusive to Chrome + flash, although it does trigger it faster, sometimes within minutes of entering desktop.

    Trying to isolate variables.
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    Windows 8 RP

    Your video?
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    WIN8 RP

    Radeon HD6900. Crash always precedes with sound stuttering (with or without media playing, though more often with), followed by a few seconds of responsiveness, i.e. enter start screen, switch between tabs though chrome interface is freezed. Going to try running with flash disabled for a while. I remember fixing a similar issue in the release candidate, had something to do with incompatibility with onboard HD sound. Going to disable that last. Final hunch is Crucial M4 SSD issue, testing

    And it just froze again while typing msg, 5 minutes from boot.
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    Windows 8

    Same issue. But, happens uniquely when using chrome.
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    Portsmouth Hants
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    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center

    Chrome has problems with Flash because Chrome has its own flash plug in which is part of the Chrome installation, but some webpages will try and use other Flash plug-ins installed on your system (for other browsers incl. IE) too.

    Chrome about: plugins (no space - : p smiley! )will bring a list of plug-ins that are available - if you see something like this, you will have trouble:

    Flash (3 files) - Version: Flash 11.3 r31

    3 files are available to handle one webpage.

    click the [+] details
    control, and disable the internal flash plugins for Chrome located in

    C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome SxS\Application\21.0.1163.0\gcswf32.dll
    where <USERNAME> is your login

    just leaving the one in


    for all your browsers to use.

    Should speed things up too.
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Windows 8 Release Preview freezing
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