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How to Access bios

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    St. Augustine
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    Quote Originally Posted by Casel View Post
    Just got in,,,,,thanks gator well this is what I did,
    I made a recovery on a cd which made an Iso .
    Then I booted from cold notebook pressed the esc and up came these option.:

    F1 System Information
    F2 System Diagnostics
    F9 Boot Device Options
    F10 Bios Setup
    F11 System Recovery
    Enter Continue Startup

    So where do I go from there,,,sorry to be a pain.
    I don't quite understand what you have done
    If you made a Recovery Disk with Macrium, that is not an ISO, it contains the boot info and Recovery Environment which allows you to use the Macrium Software to restore an image.

    You said earlier that you already created an image of all the Windows required partitions, where is this image stored?

    Once you get to those selections you listed you should select F9 - Boot Device Options (I assume your recovery disk was in place when you booted)
    This will take you to another screen and depending on your particular UEFI options Boot from DVD/CD may be present. If that is not listed you should see Legacy Options which you more than likely cannot select. If that is the case you will need to disable Secure Boot to enable Legacy Boot Options.

    After you press F9 what shows up on your screen? and get back

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    Are you trying to change the boot order so you boot from a bootable CD/USB if it is present rather than straight into Windows?

    If so, it could be that your BIOS won't let you do this.

    I have a Dell Inspiron and I can't set it to boot automatically from a CD/USB. I checked this with Dell and it's not an option with my model.

    I can do a one-time boot by pressing (in my case) F12 when I first switch on; this gets me into boot manager and I can choose to boot from the CD/USB. But I can't set this to work automatically, even when using a bootable CD/USB. I have used Macrium free on a USB stick and this method (one-time boot) works for me.

    You may have a similar issue.
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    Thanks again for the replies and Im sorry I have been slow to reply but I have been in hospital for a couple of days.
    Well the images I made were on to a cd and I did 3 of them, now I have 4.

    I started up by pressing esc and chose F9 that gave me these options:

    OS boot manager
    Internal cd/dvd rom drive ( UEFI)
    Boot from EFI file contents

    I chose internal cd/dvd and got this error
    The selected boot device failed, Press enter to continue.
    Which I did and it just froze.
    So now I have give up on it and would appreciate any suggestions for another app that does the same job.
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    An image is not bootable. How did you create the images? Imaging software has an option to create a boot cd with their software on it so you can then restore the image.
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    Thanks for all your replies but I think I have it now.
    First of all I made the boot disk for windows and then I went into the bios and changed the boot up to cd first. I don't know if I needed to do that.
    Then I booted up pressing the esc key and when the option came up I chose F9 (boot from internal device).
    And when it came up on the screen press any key to load from disk I did that and then it went on to load Macrium.
    So it ok now.
    Thanks again guys.
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    Well, that is good news no matter how you got there.
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How to Access bios
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