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Deploying std image to diff hardware - lic. key question

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    Deploying std image to diff hardware - lic. key question

    I have seen posts about reinstalls of Win 8/8.1 on OEM PCs will automatically use the licence key in the BIOS, but I'm looking at doing something a little bit different and I was wondering if people could tell me if it would be an issue.

    I have a standard image that will be deployed onto a variety of hardware. I plan to use Symantec System Restore 2013 R2 to do the deployment as this has an option in the restore to load the OS onto different hardware, and the ability to add extra drivers if necessary. I believe this option does something similar to SysPrep during the recovery. Some of the target hardware will be systems with OEM/BIOS licences, others using the older manual key system.

    I have built the image on a VMWare system that obviously has no BIOS key. When creating the image I skipped the licence key section as the plan is that each machines existing unique legitimate licence key would be added during the deployment.
    The existing key would be found before the deployment with the script I found on this site
    Product Key - Find for Windows 8
    And it would be added back to the system after the deployment using "Activate_Windows_Upgrade_after_Clean_Install.bat" also found on this site.
    Clean Install with Windows 8 Upgrade

    So given my image was created without the BIOS key, would deploying it onto systems and trying to use the BIOS licence key be a problem?


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    Well there hasn't been a response so perhaps if I rephrase the question it may prompt someone's recollection.

    In a system with a licence key in the BIOS, is the key read from there just during the install with the day to day operation of the windows environment identical to a retail install which has a manual key typed in?
    Or is the key in the BIOS referred to whenever a key based query is made within windows?

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    Windows reads the key from the BIOS what you want to do should work each install should look for the key if not found it will ask to have the key input. You will have to insure all machines are Core or OEM same thing. or Pro or Single language you can't mix them. they all have to be the same as your Image!! Are you sure that Symantec supports UEFI ??? That is the other thing they all have to be the same as your image 64bit or 32bit x86 with x64bit the standard for windows 8. Also they will all have to be default UEFI GPT or your choosing to install them BIOS/MBR. With all that taken into consideration I think your plan will work. I did mention about insuring that Symantec 2013 fully supports UEFI/GPT as I'm remembering that Norton Ghost did not in 2013 not sure if Symantec ever rewrote the program to run UEFI GPT bootable. Macrium Reflect and Paragon were two that did upgrade there products to work correctly with UEFI GPT not many others while they claimed to be Compatible still could not produce a restored Image that would boot. I hope I have been helpful
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Deploying std image to diff hardware - lic. key question
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