Hi there
This from what I've seen is my WORST install EVER on a Windows system (from 3.11 onwards) -- OK the install went quick and seemingly painless but the system is TOTALLY UNUSABLE.

The Disk permissions are all over the place --can't get access to almost ANYTHING (even as administrator) --if you give yourself disk access (or attempt to) via the properties tab it doesn't work properly --zillions of errors -- and I'm not going into some folders having to give myself permission for individual files --there are HUNDREDS of these.

I haven't been able to start ANY VM (permissions again), can only write to the "C" drive and W8 sems to have totally hosed up my system with literally loads and loads of MSxxxxxx.tmp files on Every disk on the system --I can't get rid of these either.

When I run Windows explorer it starts with Libraries and is PAINFULLY slow.

The only thing that actually works properly is Internet Explorer. !!

I'm going back to the Consumer Preview edition until more people have had and fixed this wretched "Disk security" nightmare.

If you've just a single windows partition say on a laptop it's probably fine bit if you have a LARGE nr of Internal and external disks then I think you'll find security is a real problem. MS seems to have been "Too clever by half" here --didn't they learn with over excessive security on the old UAC on VISTA that too much security was worse even than NONE.

The install is really quick so good work there -- but in it's present state it's just too much work and hassle to bother with it any more until a few sensible workarounds have been got rid of --meanwhile I need to revert to get rid of that whole bunch of .tmp files that this version of W8 has randomly placed all over my system.

(I know it's not Virus related -- I wasn't anywhere near the Internet and while MS servers aren't impregnable I doubt if I had a bad download --in any case I tried to different approaches one with a DVD and another with a USB stick).

Bit disappointed really in this since it has the potential to be a nice fast system - but just TOO MUCH HASSLE for me to get it to work. It should just install and work like W7 and W8 Consumer preview did.