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New Setup. SSD, SATA 3 for OS and HD, SATA 2 for data

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    New Setup. SSD, SATA 3 for OS and HD, SATA 2 for data

    I am setting up a new system with the following:
    M5A97 LE 2.0 Asus MB
    AMD 4130 processor
    Sandisk SSD 120 for OS
    1 TB WD SATA 2
    NVIDIA 210 Graphic

    System is for general use. NOT GAMING

    Will I lose much by using a SATA 2 HD rather than a SATA 3? My thinking is that it should not make much difference.

    Also wondering if upgrade to 6 core would make that much difference.

    Finally, I assume these days using a RAID for data is not preferable to simply backing up externally.

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    Well SATA 2 hard drives have older technology and fabrication than the new SATA 3 for what ever that's worth. Multi core processors work better for programs that are written to use them.
    Yea external hard drives are holding up to 5 TB now days with very fast reads and writes. if your worried run 2 as I do one internal and 1 external for back up only, my actual data is on a 1TB WD Black.
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    Hello Andrew124C41!

    The SATA II and SATA IIIdiffer in the transfer speed. By SATA II is up to 300 MB/s, and bySATA III – twice as much, 600 MB/s. Usually, the two are backwardcompatible, but in the long run, if it's only for data, it shouldn'tbe that tangible.

    Games and most programswould use up to four CPU cores, so unless you are using a very heavyand specific software that you know is more hardware-demanding, Idon't think you'll be needing more than a quad-core CPU.

    About the back ups, myadvice would be a lot like Clintlgm's – using an external drive toregularly backup and also an online storage space/Cloud. RAID is notthat old as an option, RAID 1 makes mirroring so you'd always haveone copy of the same drive and data.


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New Setup. SSD, SATA 3 for OS and HD, SATA 2 for data
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