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Unable to install Windows 8.1 Pro N 64bit with AHCI help!!

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    I read most of all this, Have you considered that the new SSD is defective? Really all you should have had to do was either clone your old SSD to your new SSD? Or Clean install windows 7 SP1 or 8.1. You mention Asus motherboard I had win 8.1 MBR installed on an old P7P55D Pro board 2008 era, but it didn't support UEFI for booting

    It looks to me like you need to take a break, let your mind relax . Read through thoroughly the Tutorials on installing which ever version you want to install. in which format you want to install. If UEFI is what you want you'll have to set up your install media to boot UEFI. Your SSD will need to be CLEAN or converted to GPT. Your BIOS will need to be set UEFI. You obviously don't understand UEFI that's ok none of us did a couple of years ago. We have learned and some pretty sharp tools have written excellent step x step tutorials for us to use and learn with. good place to start.

    Thanks for the input Clintlgm and Maltesespace, was talking to myself for a while there

    As this is the 2nd OCZ Arc 100 SSD that I've now used, I don't think this specific drive is defective however perhaps the model is somehow? I suspected it should be easy too but clearly something is not right. You're correct in that I don't understand UEFI but I have been following the tutorials already, everything I've written above is based on following all the steps written by others here.

    The most recent install above was with a clean disk converted to GPT and my bios is set to UEFI in Secure Boot but everything else is set as the tutorials say - Fast Boot off, Secure Boot off etc etc. The specific problem seems to be that I can't install Windows 8 unless I'm set to IDE and once I have done that and attempt to switch it to AHCI retrospectively after the install I break the install and get stuck in an endless loop of boot problems.

    I'd love to take a step back really I would but without any new suggestions I'm not going to get a working PC back and I need one asap.
    is it possible that your ISO is 32bit x86 and not 64Bit x64

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    Windows 8.1 Pro N 64bit

    No, it's not, I had them on genuine OEM disks but I downloaded a fresh copy from MS and burnt to both USB and DVD. Tried installs from both with the same problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by randomspam View Post
    No, it's not, I had them on genuine OEM disks but I downloaded a fresh copy from MS and burnt to both USB and DVD. Tried installs from both with the same problems.
    I'm so happy you solved your problem. Who would have thought not one but 2 SSD were NFG. I've had great luck with Samsung and Intel never seen a bad one yet "Knock Or Wood" for saying that my desk is wood.
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    Windows 3.1 > Windows 10

    From what I seen in disk info pic..
    1 disk was UEFI-GPT and the other 2 disks where Legacy-MBR
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Unable to install Windows 8.1 Pro N 64bit with AHCI help!!
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