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New Hard Drive - Win 8 Re Install

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    I'm surprised..... that it was even mentioned that a person could download a pre-activated version of Windows 8.1 (AIO).
    I didn't think that would be allowed here. Hmmmm!

    But actually it's just another fact of life, like death and taxes. I don't advocate either one and try to avoid both, but, they are real......
    Just like that downloaded ISO of an AIO version of 8.1.
    It does contain more than just the two versions previously least six or more, in both 32 bit and 64 bit versions.
    I saw such a thing, one day, at a friends house. Quite amazing, actually!

    But when used to recover from a catastrophic HD crash, it's quite a tool.

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    download showkeyplus and run from within windows - it will pull the embedded key and show version
    or you can select Check Key - type in your product key and get versin info
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    KYHI, kingrollo said in 1st post:

    I have a win 8 Dell Vostro 2520 - The hard drive has crashed - so Ive ordered a new one. I have a win 8.1 home premuim DVD - but have used the license key on another install.
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    Just an update of sorts !
    I installed win 7 - then installed RWeverything - which gives me access to a product key. Tried installing 8.1 & 8.1 PRO - didn't like the product key.
    Re installed win 7 - but it would now seem I either have purchased a faulty hard drive - or there is something else wrong with the laptop - it doesn't boot to win 7.
    The original problem was that win 8 was stuck in 'preparing automatic repair' - and occasionally got 'no internal hard drive found'
    Ive tried all the fixes for 'Preparing automatic repair looping' - none of them work.... close to giving up on this one......unless you know different...
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    RWeverything will give you your key but won't tell you what OS its for. The new COA stickers on OEM PC's suck big time. A Windows 8 logo doesn't tell you very much other than its some version of Windows 8 or 8.1. About all it tells you is its Pro or not Pro. If you want to give 8.1 one more try. Try the Single Language version from here, Create installation media for Windows 8.1 - Windows Help. Do the advanced, and delete all partitions. Windows will create all the needed ones automatically during the install.
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    Here is the problem using older setup media - the 8.1 Media DVD will not read 8 keys..

    Download and create NEW Windows 8.1 media > Create installation media for Windows 8.1 - Windows Help

    Using showkeyplus will read the internal key (if present) and tell you the windows version the key is for

    Example: "Dell Windows 8.1 Recovery Media" will NOT read the product key on a Dell Windows 8 PC

    Got to use the New Media to be bi-directional
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    Quote Originally Posted by kingrollo View Post
    OK - its asking for key ! - with the 8.1 OEM version that I purchased or the 8.1 pro ISO that I downloaded ? - any ideas - ? pretty desparate now !
    you can only install with the key that your own so the answer is Core you can use a generic key to install Pro but you will not be able to activate it. Unless you buy a pro key
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    ok - where do I get this windows 8 core from ?
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    Create installation media for Windows 8.1 - Windows Help < This install media will read and use Windows 8.0 and 8.1 keys, even OEM embedded keys. I've verified it myself. My laptop came with Windows 8.0 (Core). If I install Windows 8.1 (Core) from that download it uses my laptops embedded key and activates online automatically. On this page it just says Windows 8.1, that is the Core edition.
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    When you run MediaCreationTool you will see this window.

    Click image for larger version

    Core is the one that says Windows 8.1
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New Hard Drive - Win 8 Re Install
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