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Boot problems w/ W8.1 multiple sata disks

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    Boot problems w/ W8.1 multiple sata disks

    Hello everybody,

    I 'had' perfectly running system (Asus Z87-A, Samsung SAMSUNG 840 Pro Series *2, Seagate Brracuda 1TB 7200.11 series *2).

    I've got perfectlöy running 8.1 x64 homr edition on Samsung SSD disks. I used to have Win7 32b version on HD-Disks, which I later used as storage disks. However I left Windwos7-directory intact in 1st HD-disk.

    I experienced slight problems with Barracudas and found out there's a firmware update for my specific model.
    When I unplugged SSDs, the old windows 7-installation attempted to repair my system, and since that I cannot use SSD and HD disks same time.

    All disks are in ACHI mode.
    If just the SSDs are connected everything works, however if I add any of the HDs, system whether fails to start or tries to start old windows 7.

    Now in EZ setup SSD are P1-P2 and HDs P3-P4.
    For some reason the system always boots the P3 even P1 is 1st in order "Windows boot manager"
    I also checked BCD entries and they are correct.

    Is is possible that when I disconnected SSDs, windows / wrote the MBR on HD (P3) and now tries somehow to boot there everytime i try?

    I've got recovery disk, but automatic startup repair failed. I can access diskpart through cmd prompt.

    Help appreciated!

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    Hello, I managed to solve this by updating the bios. Still, this was really strange case.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by rautasiili View Post
    Hello, I managed to solve this by updating the bios. Still, this was really strange case.....
    Actually unless you were going to run a Dual Boot you should have disable the old win 7 boot sector. By leaving it as you found windows 7 tried to repair itself. Your win 8.1 should be set up UEFI then it would not recognize the old window 7 MBR boot.
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Boot problems w/ W8.1 multiple sata disks
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