Hello everyone,

Just a little info beforehand, I've had this same problem before with a completely different Asus laptop that would revert to the preinstalled copy of 8 from 8.1 without the user prompting the laptop to do so. See this thread for more details.

This Toshiba laptop is using the Refresh feature to revert to the recovery image but keep the user's files intact. I had setup this laptop for them with Classic Shell and made sure that all access to Modern apps was disabled. Since the only way to run a Refresh is from the PC Settings app, it would be virtually impossible for them to get to the Refresh feature. I honestly don't think they would even know what it would do; I had created links to the Internet and to Facebook on the desktop, that's about all they use it for.

Anyway, I know how to make it less of a hassle if the automatic Refresh happens again thanks to KYHI and SIW2 in this thread, but what I'd really like to figure out is why this is happening and how I can prevent it on this laptop and in the future. Like the previous laptop, the event logs have been wiped so I can't see what happens leading up to the Refresh happening.

This is the third laptop with this issue (including the Gateway that I ended up leaving at 8), so any info or ideas as to how to fix this would be appreciated!