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Clean install of windows 8.1 on new Lenovo Z50-70

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    Sorry for the late reply mate. Glad to hear that you are able to perform a clean install successfully .

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    windows 8.1

    Is it poss to install oem key on another laptop ? Surrendered the OEM in orig machine ...want to install in another machine...when try to instal it says error non core OEM edition cannot activate
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    Is it poss to install oem key on another laptop ? Surrendered the OEM in orig machine ...want to install in another machine...when try to instal it says error non core OEM edition cannot activate
    No, OEM keys are not transferable. "Windows 8/8.1" will check the UEFI firmware for OEM embedded key during the activation process and will only activate if a matching one is found. So unless the target laptop has a valid embedded OEM key in it's firmware, you won't be able to activate Windows 8/8.1.
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    windows 8.1 any issue with tat laptop can NVR be used in any?
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  5. #25 any issue with tat laptop can NVR be used in any?
    Sorry, i don't understand your question.
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    Windows 8.1

    Hi. I recently got a Lenovo Y50 laptop which came preinstalled with windows 8.1 (core, no N or bing or pro or anything). I attempted to swap the given hdd with a blank ssd (samsung evo 850) and used the windows 8.1 create installation media tool to make a bootable usb drive. I booted off the drive, and set it up to install my exact version of windows on the ssd. The setup never asked for a windows product key, which was good since i was relying on it to extract the key from my UEFI firmware. Then setup finished and I thought I was in the clear. But when I got all logged into windows for the first time I had the little "Windows 8.1 Build 9600" watermark in the bottom right of my desktop and upon looking at the computer's info it said windows was not activated. According to this thread I should be able to use the installation usb media i got from microsoft despite the fact that I have an OEM copy from lenovo. Why then did it not activate? I found it especially odd that it did not prompt for a key upon not finding one it could use in the BIOS.

    The fact that someone in this thread managed to do it with a lenovo computer gives me hope. Just not sure what I could have messed up.

    thanks in advance
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    What does systeminfo run from a Elevated Command Prompt show you for OS Name and version?

    Also check winver.
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    Windows 8.1

    systeminfo gives me:
    OS Name: Microsoft Windows 8.1
    OS Version: 6.3.9600 N/A Build 9600
    OS Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation
    OS Configuration: Standalone Workstation
    OS Build Type: Multiprocessor Free

    So I think my point stands.

    However, I may be on to something with some further research. Apparently sometimes when major hardware changes are made (I guess you could count a hdd substitute as a major hardware change, not really), Windows 8/8.1 will let you put your product key in, but will not actually activate because the computer was originally activated with a certain set of hardware. Because it sees a different hard drive, it believes you are trying to install with your product key on a second computer, thus breaking licensing agreements and such. So to protect this, they added a feature called phone activation. Basically windows has your product key, so you don't need that, but they just have you call a number and give them some numbers, you give them some, and boom it updates the activation of your key to match the hardware. Various sources led me to this conclusion but here is a quick guide:
    Activate Windows 8 by Phone
    Let me know if you guys think it is worth a shot because I don't much wanna take my laptop apart again to switch drives until I'm fairly confident that I have my answer.
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    I've used Phone activation many times, worth a shot but a HDD change should not require that.
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    Covington, La
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    Windows 7 HP 64bit, Windows 8.1 Pro w/Media Center 64BIT

    I have a Lenovo laptop and used the 8.1 create media tool to update from 8 to 8.1
    I removed the HDD an put in a new SSD and installed 8.1 from a bootable flash. It read the key from my Bios and installed and activated.
    My laptop came with 8 core and I downloaded 8.1 core and had no problem.

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Clean install of windows 8.1 on new Lenovo Z50-70
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