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windows oem reinstall

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    windows oem reinstall

    I have new computer I built myself. The mobo failed due to ESD supplied by me.
    Now I have several new hardware items and an upgraded mobo almost ready to install.
    I upgraded the mobo from a Asrock 970 to Asrock 990 because the CPU is 8 core Radeon
    Now my question is, after spending all this $$, I'm looking at my OS which is Windows 8.1 home
    64 bit oem. Do I now have to buy a new Windows OS because the copy I have now cannot be reinstalled
    due to it's oem gender?
    I know the answer but will love to hear some of you comment on this.
    If there is some way I could reinstall my Windows like maybe with a phone call to them
    this would save me $100 plus shipping, meaning I will have spent upwards of $250 on
    operating systems lately, oh I should've got the retail version orginally but I never dreamed
    I would be frying the mobo.

    Thanks for reading this, sorry for awkward typing, using little tablet due to dead desktop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gustavius99 View Post
    Do I now have to buy a new Windows OS

    How to download and clean install Windows 8.1 -> link
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    Unfortunately, OEM Keys are not transferrable..
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    Quote Originally Posted by KYHI View Post
    Unfortunately, OEM Keys are not transferrable..
    Windows 8 EULA



    Windows 8 System Builder Product--Personal Use License

    Can I transfer the software to another computer or user? You may transfer the software to another computer that belongs to you. You may also transfer the software (together with the license) to a computer owned by someone else if a) you are the first licensed user of the software and b) the new user agrees to the terms of this agreement. To make that transfer, you must transfer the original media, the certificate of authenticity, the product key and the proof of purchase directly to that other person, without retaining any copies of the software. You may use the backup copy we allow you to make or the media that the software came on to transfer the software. Anytime you transfer the software to a new computer, you must remove the software from the prior computer. You may not transfer the software to share licenses between computers. You may transfer Get Genuine Windows software, Pro Pack or Media Center Pack software only together with the licensed Computer.
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    I thought replacement mobo is not the same as moving to another computer; did I misunderstand?
    I understand one has to jump thru some phone hoops to get reActivated, correct?
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    The motherboard pretty much is the computer.

    Was the OEM key on the chip of the motherboard that failed?
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    Yep, my experience is that a new motherboard usually is identified as a different computer from what the OEM version was installed on, maybe even the CPU is involved. Generally changing the ODD, RAM and Power Supply doesn't cause the need for re-activation. Changing the HDD may cause an issue if any hidden identification pointers are lost. The Retail version usually can be installed upon a Replacement computer but can't be on both at the same time.
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    motherboard pretty is the computer.

    Was the OEM key on the chip of the motherboard that failed?

    I purchased windows oem from amazon and installed myself, disc and key.
    System was running fine.
    Several months later I installed new psu, ssd, ram and graphics card onto the asrock 970
    board. When I powered on... nothing. No flicker of life at all. I tested all parts, no power
    coming from mobo.
    I'm assuming I esd shorted out the mobo considering I was handling everything with
    no esd protection.
    I think if I was to install exact same model, make mobo windows would fire up right where
    I left off. Of course all the new hardware would be fighting for internet access for their
    The cpu is amd fx 8320 and it was pushing the 970 board. I dont oc or game on pc's but
    anyway, if I buy another asrock 970 I should be okay with windows already installed on
    Or I could install new mobo, all new hardware I mentioned earlier, disconect hdd (where c
    partion, os, is located) and then clean install new windows oem on brand new ssd get
    everything running then connect hdd and wipe it.
    So much work and expense and time compared to just buying replacement asrock 970
    Any comments on this?
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    You shouldn't worry about transferring the System Builder licence... replacing the same make mobo makes no difference as it will have a new hardware ID and is not related to the previous installation/activation- you can thus add any new hardware.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit

    Since you have disc and key, shouldn't be a problem.
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windows oem reinstall
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