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    I have disc in cardboard sleeve with coa sticker and product key. (Windows 8.1 64 bit OEM version).
    After reading all above information, can someone tell me what will happen if install all
    new parts and power on computer?
    Remember, I have (or had, I should say), a full running system with many apps and personal
    settings running before I installed new psu, ssd, ram and graphics then fried mobo before
    new hardware was integrated into system.
    Now when I simply install new mobo, which basically gives me a copletely new, upgraded
    system except original hdd with all previous partitions and data is still there.
    So..... When I turn computer on.... What will it do?
    Looking for any comments you all may have.

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    Windows 8.1.1 Pro with Media Center

    Use OEM key.

    ShowKey v1.3.vbs


    This should install your 8+ oem.

    Go from there.
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    Windows 10

    Quote Originally Posted by Gustavius99 View Post
    If there is some way I could reinstall my Windows like maybe with a phone call to them
    Quote from this post:

    If your Windows is activated successfully, you will not see Activate Windows in the PC Settings.

    The activation page shows the following message (see screenshot below):

    This product key is being used on another PC. Please try a different key.

    Note: Click on the Call support option (see screenshot below).

    Note: The activation robot asks you how many PC's you have installed Windows on. The correct answer is number 1.

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    Windows 3.1 > Windows 10

    Windows system builder licensing for personal use

    “If you are building a system for your personal use or installing an additional operating system in a virtual machine, you will need to purchase Windows 8 software or a Microsoft retail version of Windows 8.1 software. Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 system builder software does not permit personal use, and is intended only for preinstallation on customer systems that will be sold to end users.”

    Attachment 59582

    All MS can say is NO, we will not transfer the Product Key, So it doesn't hurt to try..
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    Windows 10 Windows 8.1 System Builder OEM DVD 64-Bit Windows 8.1 Pro System Builder OEM DVD 64-Bit

    This is a really fun thing.

    Microsoft is Misleading Consumers With Windows 8.1 System Builder Licensing

    At the time, Microsoft announced they’d be removing System Builder copies of Windows from typical consumer retail channels — computer stores and online retailers like Amazon and Newegg. In fact, press reported that Microsoft was killing the “System Builder” copies of Windows so everyone could just buy the standard retail copies. In September 2013, TechCrunch reported that:
    “Microsoft is shifting gravity away from System Builder builds except for OEM partners and others that buy its operating system in bulk from distribution partners.”
    However, it’s now more than a year later and you can still find System Builder copies of Windows 8.1 near the top of Amazon and Newegg when you go to buy a copy of the latest version of Windows for your new PC. People are clearly buying these. In fact, the System Builder copy of Windows 8.1 Pro is $46 cheaper than the standard retail copy of Windows 8.1 Pro on right now. People are clearly buying these system builder licenses for personal use. The licensing information on sites like Amazon and Newegg doesn’t clearly say “YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BUY THIS FOR YOUR OWN PC” — that’s what it should say if Microsoft is serious about enforcing their license agreement.
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    Windows 8 Pro x64

    Call M$ License Support

    I had a bootcamped Windows 8 Pro x64 OEM on my (then broken) MP 3.1 (2008). I upgraded to a MP 5.1 (2012) and moved my Windows 8 Pro x64 Samsung 840 EVO 500GB to it. And yes of course the product key was revoked because of all changed hardware, so it killed my licensed product key.

    I called M$ and explained my situation and disappointment having to buy another productkey. While on the phone the very kind call centre girl checked my credentials and gave me a new activation key. All went well and after entering the new key my Windows 8 license was activated again.

    So, in spite of all written agreements shown in this thread, just take the plunge and call M$ and explain your situation. I'm sure they will help you out!

    GL & Cheers
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    Reinstall Windows 8.1 OEM personal experience....

    Okay, there was some interest here in reinstalling Windows 8.1 OEM after upgrading- installing new hardware. I have recently accomplished this and can offer first hand information on what happens and what to expect.
    I recently installed new motherboard, graphics card, power supply, RAM, blu-ray combo drive and new Samsung Evo 850 SSD. This basically gave me a new much more powerful system.
    And the OS?
    Well my new motherboard is a ASUS Sabertooth 990 FX, the CPU is a AMD FX 8320 and I left the old HDD in place with the new SSD installed.
    When I powered on the first time it just loaded Windows (with all my apps and settings in place) from the HDD, then started loading drivers. Windows Update had many drivers for the system. After all was finished, I had my previous OS with all the previous apps and settings in place like nothing ever happened.
    However, when I checked the OS, it was Not activated.
    It showed two phone numbers to call for activation.
    I called the first number and five minutes later my OS was activated in my new system, free of charge.
    So Windows 8.1 OEM Can be used multiple times even after changing most or all system hardware.
    Now I had a new Samsung 850 Evo SSD sitting with no data installed.
    Samsung Data Migration to the rescue. I installed this, two mouse clicks and 10 minutes later all data and OS was transferred to the new SSD.
    System now boots from cold start in 30 seconds or less.
    Reboots in 10 seconds.
    Point here being: Yes you can reinstall Windows 8.1 OEM for free after system hardware upgrades.
    I had inquired about this in an earlier post and the replies were all over the map.
    I reposted my new system specs after writing this post today. May 03, 2015.
    Last edited by Gustavius99; 03 May 2015 at 20:50.
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    Point here being: Yes you can reinstall Windows 8.1 OEM for free after system hardware upgrades.
    Actually not. OEM license is bound to motherboard and that's why Windows deactivated itself when it detected that the motherboard is changed. At this point automatic internet activation won't work and you will get an option to use phone activation ( as you received ). Sometimes the phone activation will work and most of the time it won't. It worked for you doesn't means it will work for everyone. MS has no legal obligation to activate an OEM copy if the MoBo is changed.
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    Many things have changed since I first began this post.
    I'm in it for the trial and error education.
    I love what personal computers have become.
    Hardware plus software, bang, you have a system.
    Once you have your system the possibilities are endless.
    No matter how powerful you think your system is, there is always another hardware device, another piece of software you don't have.
    Eventually, your red hot system is yesterdays news.
    And you must start all over with a new build.
    And yet we all think we have the future proof rig. The final answer to any possible upgrades.
    At least for today.
    I love this game.
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windows oem reinstall
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