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Dual booting Win 8.1 and Ubuntu( 64 or 32 bit versions)

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    Win 8.1 pre installed

    Dual booting Win 8.1 and Ubuntu( 64 or 32 bit versions)

    I am sorry. I had posted this query under a solved thread. Thought it would be inappropriate, hence putting up a new thread.
    I need some help in solving the fix that i am in.

    I have received () a new laptop: Amd E2100 processor, 2GB RAM, win 8.1( 64 bit)(UEFI-boot)pre-installed on it.

    Now i have to install an Ubuntu Os on this system as win 8.1 should only serve as secondary OS.
    The win 8.1 performance is very slow on my computer(i guess cause of the RAM).
    Now for me to install an Ubuntu OS 64 bit, i guess i might need more RAM( please do give any alternatives here).
    Is it possible to install 32 bit version of 14.10 TT Ubuntu on my laptop. What modifications do I have to make.
    Please do understand that my knowledge about this is beginner level.
    Should i go with Xubuntu, as it is light weight ?
    What bit of Xubuntu should i use(32 or 64 ) ?
    How should i go about all this, if it is feasible ?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.

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    U can definitely install 32 bit ubuntu with 64 bit windows or vice versa. I also did the same thing but i installed 64 bit ubuntu with 32 bit windows. U also don't need any modifications.
    But i am assuming that u are aware about the process of dual booting windows and linux machine and the inconveniences associated.
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    If, as you claim, the Win8 performance is slow due to insufficient RAM, and you're going to add RAM for Ubuntu, then why even install it? The added RAM will help Win8 performance and, in that case, there would be no need to install Ubuntu.

    Also, Linux installations generally have problems with laptops due to the widespread use of specialized hardware in laptops. It's not unusual to find Hyrbrid/Dual graphics in laptops and Linux installations work poorly, if at all, in those situations.

    BEFORE you jump into any Linux distro, your best bet would be to make a LiveUSB/DVD from the Linux distro, boot into that, and see how well it detects the laptop hardware and installs working drivers. Anything that does not work could then be researched on the Ubuntu forums -- since you would still have a working Win8 laptop to use.
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Dual booting Win 8.1 and Ubuntu( 64 or 32 bit versions)
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