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Windows 8.1 reverts to preinstalled copy of 8

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    Windows 8.1

    I've installed 8.1 from the disc, and I'm now working on slipstreaming the updates into the 8.1 install.wim file.

    I'm assuming that there is no way to figure out what caused it this time? I've tried to find the event logs but they were wiped when the reset/refresh happened. Is there something that I can setup this time to figure out why this is happening? I'm worried about this being a repeat of the last computer that was going through the same issue.

    On a different note, should I be slipstreaming the updates into the original install.wim, since that one has all the correct drivers and useful Asus programs already installed? Or is that even possible?

    Thanks to both of you for the help!

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    Yes, it should be possible.

    Alternatively, you can get the drivers out.

    Mount the image, then browse to a folder you wish to extract the drivers to. Use the DRVEXTRACT function.
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    Windows 8.1

    Update on the laptop:

    Instead of trying to update the original install.wim or use the install.wim off the 8.1 install disc, I ended up creating a new one using recimg and this guide after I got the laptop setup again. Also setup Comodo Backup to backup all essential files, emails, and browser info to the Data partition that Asus had setup at the factory. Running the refresh option right now to make sure that everything works like it's supposed to.

    Tried contacting Asus, their first response was absolutely no help. Sent them a reply asking if they had seen this before, will hopefully hear back from them with something useful.

    Thanks again to both of you for the help, KYHI's post about recimg really helped! I'll update when/if the refresh is completed/works.

    Refresh worked great, went through and entered the settings and restored the data that was wiped during the refresh. Had to redo the image because I forgot a program, but at least I know that the laptop won't go back nearly as far if this happens again.

    Since this is resolved for now, I'll mark the thread as solved. Thanks to both of you for the help!
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Windows 8.1 reverts to preinstalled copy of 8
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