As listed in the title.

I'm having to Sysprep a build for a Tablet Device. The one remaining issue i have is that i cant get the unattend.xml to allow me to enter a PC name short of changing the "<SkipMachineOOBE> to False but the issue here is then that you end up having to setup a user (manually) which i don't want to do.

I have everything working the way i want (runonce reg settings to kickoff some vbs scripts etc with an auto login of a created admin account on 1st boot set in the unattend)

So my thoughts were maybe i can go back to setting <SkipMachineOOBE> to True and have a script that initiated on the runonce login that will prompt to change PC name and then Join domain.

I have goggled around but cant seem to find an example script that works. I think its because they are geared up for Windows 7 or XP.

Does anyone have a suggestion or even a simpler way for me to sort this PC naming bit out. I want it to prompt for an input but only PC name. then carry on with the rest of the unattend.xml