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Dual-and-a-half boot error messages want offline chkdsk

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    Dual boot - Win 7 Pro 64-bit and Win 8.1 Pro 64-bit

    Dual-and-a-half boot error messages want offline chkdsk

    This is a weird problem, but maybe there's an answer.

    My Dell Optiplex 7010 has two hard drives. On the first and more important hard drive (SATA 0), I am dual-booting Win 7 and 8.1 successfully (both Pro 64-bit), and each has its own partition. The second hard drive (SATA 2) has the ORIGINAL installation of Win 8 Pro 64-bit. This is now (I think) causing two ERROR messages in the Ntfs category when I boot into 8.1 on the first hard drive (SATA 0). These are the new error messages:
    Volume WINRETOOLS (\Device\HarddiskVolume6) needs to be taken offline to perform a Full Chkdsk. Please run "CHKDSK /F" locally via the command line, or run "REPAIR-VOLUME <drive:>" locally or remotely via PowerShell.
    Volume PBR Image (\Device\HarddiskVolume11) needs to be taken offline to perform a Full Chkdsk. Please run "CHKDSK /F" locally via the command line, or run "REPAIR-VOLUME <drive:>" locally or remotely via PowerShell.

    A little history before we get to the issue: When I bought the PC this past November, its single hard drive (500GB) already had Win 8 installed and the machine came with a Dell Win 8 reinstall disk. Dell then sent me a Win 7 "downgrade" install disk. (Everything Pro 64-bit.) Instead of doing anything with the original hard drive (which had the original Win 8 installation), I bought a second, identical hard drive, unplugged the original hard drive, plugged in the new blank hard drive, installed Win 7 on it from the "downgrade" disk, and then installed Win 8 on it in a separate partition from the "reinstall" disk. Dual-booting has worked well, and eventually this Win 8 became 8.1.

    Then, I decided to re-connect the ORIGINAL hard drive in the SATA 2 slot (because the DVD is SATA 1). I adjusted its partitions so that its original OS did not take up the entire 500GB disk, and created a new partition that I will eventually use for data.

    For a long time, no issues at all. The machine was dual-booting exclusively off the newer SATA 0 hard drive (I always have to choose between 7 and 8.1) and was NOT categorizing the original SATA 2 hard drive as a boot source. Perfect.

    Then, last night, I decided I wanted to see if the original Win 8 on the SATA 2 original hard drive still worked, especially because it came with some Dell apps that were not in the reinstall disk version of 8.1 on the SATA 0 drive. So I UNplugged the dual-booting SATA 0 hard drive and left the original SATA 2 hard drive connected. It booted but had to repair itself. I think the prior partitioning and a defrag on that drive had corrupted something. The repair seemed to be successful, and it then booted (only into Win 8) and also rebooted nicely. I downloaded and installed all updates for Win 8 (but did not convert it to 8.1).

    Then, I re-connected my dual-booting SATA 0 drive. I'm back to where I was before -- dual-booting nicely off SATA 0 only -- but I am now seeing the two Ntfs error messages in Event Viewer (quoted above) each time I boot into 8.1 on SATA 0. These error messages were not happening before. I think the SATA 2 self-repair gave its original Win 8 a higher status that is now confusing the 8.1 boots in SATA 0.

    It's very hard to figure out which HD and which partition are which "drive" or "volume" in the error messages, but it's very likely that the error messages above are pointing to some of the hidden partitions on the SATA 2 (original 8) drive.

    The SATA 2 drive has eight partitions -- see the attached gif - click on the thumbnail below to see it clearly.
    - SATA 2 is Drive 2, the original Win 8 is highlighted for this gif and appears as "OS", and you can see the partitions for WINRETOOLS and PBR that maybe are mentioned in the error messages. Note that nothing here is "boot".
    - SATA 0 is Drive 1, and you can see its two dual-booting OSes. Windows 8 is actually 8.1, and it is marked "boot".

    So, what do you think about these two new error messages in this confusing setup? (Other than I'm out of my mind.) Thanks.
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Dual-and-a-half boot error messages want offline chkdsk
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