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Installation-cum-technical error

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    Installation-cum-technical error

    Dear Guyz,
    this is my story, I have an Acer Aspire Z1620 AIO Desktop. It was working well on win8.
    However, yesterday while my desktop was on, electricity went out. I'm in India so it was all usual and generator started. So my DESKTOP ALSO STARTED at the same time. But what happened that after windows logo the screen got blurred and it restarted over again and again. I thought it would be simple so I thought to upgrade it to win8.1 . So I made a bootable pen drive and when I tried to install it. It says win8.1 can't be installed on MBR disk. It can be done only on GPT Disk. So, I tried to gather info. About MBR AND GPT but then in vain I found out that first I need to clean hard disk. So I formatted C: drive During installation. But the problem remains. It was asking to convert it into GPT ( Somehow with searching I found how to convert MBR into GPT using Diskpart). While I was using Diskpart it shows my C: Harddisk and D: Harddisk as one whole partition(900GB IN ONE WHOLE UNIT). Now I can't erase my D: Harddisk. I have got very very very important files. It is the source. Moreover, I found that throught GPTGEN it's possible. However, My command prompt is saying that the path cannot be specified (how could it when I already formatted my C: drive). By imparting more on net I found that by disabling UEFI mode into Legacy mode the computer will automatically take MBR drive. But when I opened BIOS Setup I can't find my UEFI Secure boot option. Also when I tried installing Ubuntu through bootable pen drive but It is not taking my pen drive then. Please help me guys.
    my previous windows 8 is formatted by me.(C: Drive is formatted during installation of win8.1).
    through Diskpart it's showing my both partitioned disk as one.
    unable to convert MBR to GPT as it requires cleaning up of disk which I can't.
    unable to use GPTGEN as it is saying the path can't be specified.
    Unable to disable UEFI mode as I can't see the boot secure option or any such options in my BIOS SETUP.
    My desktop isn't taking Ubuntu software 12.0something something.

    What I want is that please somehow tell me either how to install win8.1 without any mentioned difficulties or tell me how to convert MBR to GPT without losing data. GPTGEN isn't working.

    please help me guys. ASAP.
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Installation-cum-technical error
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