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Removing preinstalled Windows on laptop and upgrade steps

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    Removing preinstalled Windows on laptop and upgrade steps

    I am looking at getting a laptop and the ones I am looking for have Windows 8.1 installed. I have read that I can wipe the drive clean and reinstall. I would want to do this to remove all the extra software and partitions. But looking at the option on one laptop from HP they charge extra for a system recovery disc. Is this normal? If I have a Windows 8.1 Pro disc would I need that? And when Windows 10 comes out would I be able to upgrade? The last 3 versions I have had a desktop and just bought the upgrade discs. My thought was I would wipe the drive clean and install my disc and register it. Then when its done create a system repair disc. Are these the correct steps?

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    You do not need to buy HP Factory Recovery Disc - You can create the HP Factory Recovery Media once you get into windows..

    Create the factory recovery media - save it as a fall back recovery method - wipe the drive and install windows x

    Once you wipe the drive any hopes of recovery other then re-installation are gone.. Unless you make system images..

    Do not rely on windows system backups, 99% of the time they fail..
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    An HP would have a recovery partition, say a D drive, which you can copy onto a USB stick and then delete. Also, any HP OEM software, like Drive Guard, Cool Sense, Cyberlink Media software, can be downloaded separately on the support site by model #
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    The recovery media from HP that you mention, won't do what you want. It will just put it back to the factory condition with all the same preinstalled apps and programs you have now. If you want, you can download install media from here, Create installation media for Windows 8.1 - Windows Help, as per, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 ISO - Download or Create. And do a clean install with it. That media will use your OEM embedded key automatically. All you have to do is match the correct version to what is installed now. Most likely 8.1 (Core) the non Pro version, which is referred to as just Windows 8.1.
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    Thanks for all the replies. It helps me but then I have more questions. So if any computer manufacturer offers a restore CD I shouldn't buy it? I have a Windows 8 64 bit Pro as the last upgrade I used on my desktop. Then upgraded online when 8.1 came out. Say I buy a laptop with Windows 8 (not pro, not 64 bit) then I can copy the restore files to disc, wipe it clean and install using my * Pro 64 bit CD. I guess I am concerned about installing and then moving forward and getting in a situation where I can't upgrade to Windows 10 one day because I have this OEM version on the new laptop.
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    So if any computer manufacturer offers a restore CD I shouldn't buy it?
    No, you don't have to buy it but keep in mind that with a catastrophic drive failure you won't have the factory restore partition to fall back on. The discs you can create with the program included with the computer [different brands have different software] or the discs you can order can allow installing a new drive followed by restoring to original condition. The discs contain the necessary drivers and install them at the same time, eliminates downloading each as needed from the maker's site. I just had to order a set from Toshiba because the HDD failed and the client hadn't seen it necessary to make the discs when prompted but only $30 but labor charges will increase that quite a bit.
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    I just had to order a set from Toshiba because the HDD failed and the client hadn't seen it necessary to make the discs when prompted but only $30 but labor charges will increase that quite a bit.
    It is always the labor charge that gets you.. LOL

    Downloading is free and instant
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Removing preinstalled Windows on laptop and upgrade steps
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