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Need to download Windows 8.1 standard for re-install

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    Well, the word for the day is ........ DEBACLE!

    I have 3 machines running SSDs, two Windows 7 and one running 8.1 Never had a problem getting anything installed on any of 'em... Bought the 8.1 Pro license, downloaded the ISO, dumped it on a DVD, BOOTED the DVD and installed...

    In my ignorance, I thought it would work the same way on this Lenovo laptop... Wrongo.

    Whatever I did, the ISO I downloaded with the mediacreationtool does NOT boot. Don't know what I did wrong, but it doesn't boot. So, I'll have to figure out why and get that working... I've never had an ISO before that didn't boot when written to the DVD, so does anybody know what I most likely did wrong?

    Tried booting the system and running the setup from the DVD and found out 8.1 won't INSTALL to a hard drive connected to a USB port...

    I don't appear to be able to clone the current hard drive, at least not using the EASEUS Disk Copy software since the drive is 1TB and the SSD is 256GB. I didn't appear to be able to clone a partition...

    So, I'll have to figure out how to do one or the other (boot the installation DVD or figure out how to clone the system partition) and try again when there's time...

    Silly rabbit, thinking this would be simple and straightforward like the other installations I've done!

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    Few Guesses -

    UEFI - legacy support - x64 software ?

    windows 7 cmos update
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    How is George?
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    Oh, hell! I was ignoring the whole new BIOS thing 'cause I DIDN'T want to know there was a new one I'd have to install!
    OK, BIOS first, then hopefully a successful install.

    George is JUST fine... Still at room temperature!
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    If y'all don't mind, I'm going to push the reset button and try starting over.............

    I have a Lenovo Y70 touch laptop. It has 8.1 standard on it, running on a normal, 1 TB hard drive.

    I WANT to REMOVE the 1TB hard drive and install a 250 GB SSD. Then I want to install 8.1 on the SSD.

    I have a DVD with 8.1 standard on it. That DVD boots on my desktop, so I PRESUME it should boot on the laptop. I don't know this for a fact since the Lenovo requires some arcane ritual (near as I can tell) for it to boot from it's own DVD.


    It's at THIS POINT that things get confusing.

    I found topics that SAID there was ABSOLUTELY no problem 'cause the UEFI BIOS will read the license and 8.1 will install fine.

    I found discussions that SAID the DVD WON'T work for a UEFI system and therefore WON'T read the license on the laptop.

    If I plug the SSD into MY desktop to do the install that way, I HAVE TO HAVE a "normal" license to enter or 8.1 WON'T install. And since the license is buried in some UEFI BIOS on the laptop I can't GET a normal "5 groups of 5 chars each" license to use for the install.

    I found yet OTHER discussions that insisted you can install 8.1 by getting a generic key, which WOULD let me install 8.1 on a separate machine then just plop the SSD into the Lenovo and it'd work. Is this TRUE or will the UEFI BIOS go nuts?

    Is there a SIMPLE, RATIONAL way to make Windows install to a USB connected SSD so I can then swap the SSD into the laptop? I got PART WAY into an install the other day before the installer stated that IT DOESN'T WORK WITH USB DRIVES...

    ALL I want to do is replace the HDD with an SSD and install a standard copy of 8.1. Can SOMEBODY tell me what WILL work and what WON'T? Do I have what I need or is there something I need to do differently rather than having a DVD and HOPEFULLY getting this Lenovo to load a Windows 8.1 installer and actually INSTALL?

    I have to be ready to do this at 9 a.m. Saturday, so I need the simplest, most idiot-proof method possible to actually get this done without hours of floundering around again.
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    Hey Gracie,

    No problem. Let's reset then.

    Correct, you will not be able to install UEFI with a DVD. Instead you'll need to boot from a created UEFI USB flash drive.

    The SSD will work nicely, and be a lot faster than the HDD.

    1st, you'll need to download a 64-bit Windows 8.1 ISO file using OPTION ONE below.

    UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows

    2nd, create a UEFI USB from the ISO above.

    UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows

    Finally, use the steps in the tutorial below to boot from the USB flash drive and install Windows 8.1. It will detect the product key embedded in the UEFI firmware chip on your laptop's motherboard.

    UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows
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    Thanks Brink...

    I'll set up a flash drive and see if I can figure out how to get the Lenovo to boot from it. Last time, I was totally unable to get it to boot from a flash drive for anything, and wound up calling Lenovo to find out how to get it to boot from a DVD. The process was/is bizarre, but though the support person we were conversing with told us there was a hardware error and we should return the laptop to the retailer, and even though NOTHING in the BIOS ever indicated there was a DVD attached to the laptop, we I next booted, it DID boot from the DVD - which is when I tried doing a clone of the existing system partition to the SSD...

    I have the feeling trying to get this thing to boot from a flash drive may require ANOTHER hour-long conversation with Lenovo, mostly with us sitting on hold while the expert tries to find the information in some manual again. And finally asks HIS "subject matter expert", who was the person last time that stated that the hardware was defective and should be returned...

    Anyhow, I'm gonna see if I can find something that'll let me clone the current system (1TB HD) to the 250GB SSD. In theory, that would be relatively painless... I may try using partition master or some such to see if I can shrink the current "system" partition to a small enough size to clone, but I still have to find something that'll clone the partition, not the whole drive... Off to do more research.
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    Hopefully it'll go smooth for you.
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    Well, I think it WOULD HAVE.......

    Except that when she got here with the laptop, and about a half hour into fiddling (it booted the flash drive fine, and we were about to pull the bottom off to swap drives), she admitted she HATES the thing...

    1. It's SLIPPERY. The case is quite smooth and she was SURE she was going to drop it.
    2. She HATED having to connect things with all the cables... The hard drive with image data was going to have to be connected by USB (there's no eSATA on the LENOVO Y70). AND, the DVD is external, which neither of us recalled seeing in any of the specifications we read - may have been there, but if so, it wasn't obvious to the uninformed observer. So, she'd always have 'STUFF' hanging off cables and making things more cumbersome and dangerous.
    3. She found the touch screen more of a hindrance than a help.
    4. She REALLY HATES Windows 8.1 and was thinking she may just wait for Windows 10 and HOPE it's not as "unproductive and geared toward 12-year-olds that spend their time shooting selfies" as 8.1... Turns out that like some/many of us oldsters that are actually trying to do work on these things (in the cases I'm most familiar with that would be image management, image processing, and the stuff associated with a photographic small business), she feels the XP desktop/menu system was by far the most productive and easiest to find and run the applications needed.

    So, she returned the Lenovo and the SSD. This wasn't all bad, as she now has a better feel for what she DOESN'T want.

    We did a bit of research while connected by phone, and I recommended she look at a Toshiba Qosmio, which COMES with an INTERNAL SSD, TWO internal 1TB+ hard drives, AND 32GB of memory (handy 'cause she's doing heavy-duty image processing). And with the discount, and the second discount and all told, it cost her about $350 more than the Lenovo (actually less than that 'cause the sales tax here is almost 8%).

    She's much more positive about this choice than she was about the Lenovo. I promised to sit down with her and get rid of as much of the bloatware, trialware, and silly stuff (being kind in my terminology) as possible, and put enough 3rd party stuff on the Tosh that it's productive and won't look like 8.1 - she'll be able to totally ignore the metro thing, and almost totally ignore the apps screen and she'll have a desktop that's very similar to the XP environment so she can work the way she prefers.

    About 20 minutes after she ordered the Toshiba, I got an email from her that her husband was so impressed with the Qosmio that HE also ordered one to take advantage of the multiple discounts.

    So, we'll see when these things arrive, but I think there'll be a lot less queasiness and angst than with the Y70...

    Thanks for all the help. Hopefully, my future questions and problems will all be easily remedied!
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Need to download Windows 8.1 standard for re-install
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