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Formating HD using Ubuntu to install Windows 8.1 PRO

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    Windows 8.1 PRO

    Formating HD using Ubuntu to install Windows 8.1 PRO


    My first problem is that I can't login into Windows 8.1, the process stop at the login screen, with a black screen and I am just able to move my mouse cursor.

    I tried a lot of different ways to solve this problem, but nothing worked well, so I decided to make a backup of my most important data. Using a USB Ubuntu Live, I would like to format my HD to install the Windows 8.1 PRO again. I would like to know if I can format and create only one partition, or if I need to do something different. As you can see in my print screen, I have a lot of partitions differents, most of the partitions I don't know exactly what is. I just woult like to keep the HP Recovery partiton.

    Thank you so much!

    Gustavo Zanfra Paitch

    Click image for larger version

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    If you're only going to have windows on the disk I would recommend going to the tutorials section reading Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 ISO - Download or Create and Clean Install - Windows 8 and let windows do it all automatically. Back up data to another disk and sync everything(settings) to OneDrive first for a less painful and easier preparation for your Desktop setup.

    Also download any drivers you'll need to a thumb drive from manufactures web site beforehand.
    Be advised you'll lose your manufacturers recovery partition but you can create a custom refresh after initial setup of clean install with drivers and favorite programs.
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    Melbourne, Fl
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    Windows 8.1 PRO

    Thank you so much Cliff!
    I will read these links right now!
    I hope to come back here using my Windows 8.1!
    I have one more question, but I need to take some pictures to explain exactly.
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Formating HD using Ubuntu to install Windows 8.1 PRO
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