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MSDM key wont activate? Embedded key..

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    The firmware is just an eeprom chip - and yes, it is flashed (written to).. When flashing a bios upgrade - it does not flash or re-write the whole chip - just certain blocks of it..

    What is an EEPROM?

    An EEPROM, or electrically erasable programmable read only memory, like a regular ROM chip, uses a grid and electrical impulses in order to create binary data. However, the difference between ROM chips and EEPROM chips is that EEPROM chips can be reprogrammed without removing them from the computer, contrary to basic ROM chips which can only be programmed one time. A localized charge from an electrical field is all that is needed in order to erase the EEPROM chip. Also, the entire EEPROM chip does not need to be erased at one time, which therefore allows specific changes to be made. Other erasable programmable ROM (EPROM) chips must be entirely erased if any data is to be erased. EEPROMs are constructed as arrays of floating-gate transistors.

    End C/P

    So yes that key was flashed into the eeprom chip - but it could of also been flashed into 1000's of chips - and thus now being rejected by MS

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    I know, but how would a non valid windows 8 key end up embedded? Thats what I dont understand.
    HP ended up sending a flash drive PN 785699-003 after calling them. They logged in remotely and pulled up the key with another tool, same key I had that was invalid and tried multiple times to activate it. They were apparently also stumped. Loading off the flash drive right now so we will see if it activates or not. I always thought even the offical media would still pull an embedded key.
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    As far as I know in order for the embedded key to activate, Microsoft has to have a record of it being issued. Maybe HP didn't do the proper paper work. Or, HP had to embed that key but maybe they embedded an invalid key. It could have just been a glitch when they programed it in. It's likely not an easy thing to change either.

    Official media will read and use the key. My MSDN/TechNet ISO's will read the key and install the version matching the key automatically. My laptops key is for 8.0 Core, 8.1 Core gets installed automatically. Same deal with media from here, Create installation media for Windows 8.1 - Windows Help assuming you install the correct version. If I install 8.1 Core my key gets used, if I install 8.1 Pro I get prompted to enter one.
    There is an algorithm used to verify the key, if it fails the algorithm you get prompted to enter a key regardless. If the embedded key is an invalid key and fails the algorithm check you'll get prompted to enter one. Entering that same key manually will also fail for the same reason.
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MSDM key wont activate? Embedded key..
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