Ok so I have it solved....sortof

I was operating with only windows pe, and the program from SIW2. I ha put a windows image onto a stick, but I also had put it onto my D: drive (just in case, something happened with the stick). I tried to install the image but had no luck and was stuck. I couldn't even get the windows key to do a clean install.

Anyways after searching around I found a solution. Being in the Cmd I tried to do /sfc scannow but kept getting an error, and found someone who suggested "bootrec/rebuildbcd" I typed it int CMD and it found the image that I had saved on D:\. It asked me if I wanted to make this bootable and I said yes.

It opened up the F9 menu and gave me the option of booting the original windows on C: or the image on D: (but listed them as Volumes) I selected the D: and it booted up and installed windows.

I am currently typing this from the computer I had issues with. The only thing wrong with this installation, is that the windows is now running of my D:\ instead of the C:\ which isn't bothering me just yet.

I now have my comp back with fresh install, and I also got my bios window key and will be making a image so if I have to reset again I won't go through all theses problems.

And thanks to KYHI for the help he gave me and sorry for the long response