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Installing Localized win8.1 Single Language with OEM Key

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    Installing Localized win8.1 Single Language with OEM Key

    Hello helpfull friends,
    I will try to make it short;

    I have a MSI laptop which comes with preinstalled win8 Single Language then upgraded win8.1 SL by me. I have enough knowlegde for how to format my pc but I did some research on this very informative forum and find out that I can make a clean installition of Windows instead of just factory resetting. What I wonder is that;

    1) Can I install English single language with my OEM (different language) product key which is embedded in BIOS using "Windows Installation Media Creation Tool"?
    1.1) I mean is it asking at some point "Which display language do you want?" when installing Win8 Single Language
    1.2) Or language of the Single Language is also bound the Product Key?

    2) Can I use Localized(US) Win 8.1 Single Language ISO files with my product key?
    (Which I found here: The Windows 8.1 (& related) Repository
    If Iam not mistaken I have read that site is providing un-altered ISO files)

    3) Whats the difference between the ISO files from "Windows Installation Media Creation Tool" and ""?
    3.1) Which one of these you recommended and why?

    4) Is there any side effects of clean installing instead of just using built in recovery functions by manufacturer? May I lose anything? By 'thing' I mean for example product key or some functunality or altering the natural working of my laptop? I want clean installation to get rid of junk program which providing by manufacturer.
    4.1) Is any of you guys recommend built-in recover function instead of making clean installation?
    4.2) And I guess I will lose option to go back to stock version of my laptop?

    Sorry for huge wall of text and mistakes.
    I want to thank you all for time. Any piece of information are heavily appriciated.

    Edit: I mean "Display Language" of the Single Language. I know I can add other languages as input methods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clp370 View Post
    1) Can I install English single language with my OEM (different language) product key which is embedded in BIOS using "Windows Installation Media Creation Tool"?.

    Quote from this post:

    Select the language for the installation media (see screenshot below). You can choose any language you like, if you want to perform a clean installation of Windows 8.1.

    - If you have an OEM computer that came with Windows 8/8.1 Single Language preinstalled, you need to download Windows 8.1 Single Language. In Windows 8/8.1 Single Language you can change your keyboard layout language, but you can't change your Windows display language.

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    Any single language OS should work with the embedded Single language key..

    The newest MS media tool will read both 8 and 8.1 embedded keys (link in sig below)

    A clean install is advised - but understand the factory recovery option (link) will be broken and many have deleted the recovery partition, thus leaving NO option for factory recovery.

    A clean install will also remove / delete all your data from the disk - Backup and save ALL your data files, before going with a clean install..

    Also: I would highly recommend that you create a factory recovery drive - that media will allow you to re-install your factory out of box settings and features and is most useful for re-writing a blank or messed up hard drive..

    Control Panel > Recovery > Create a Recovery Drive - and save it, in case you ever want to reset to factory setup..
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    Cant thank you enough for those valuable informations that saved me from many hours of work. I will make recovery dics then clean format with ISO file from Windows Installation Media Creation Tool.

    Thank you,
    Have a nice day!
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Installing Localized win8.1 Single Language with OEM Key
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