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key is not the right key for this version of windows

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    key is not the right key for this version of windows

    I am about to abandon Microsoft and windows entirely or perhapsI can find a used or unused copy of 7 disk install. This garbage of Microsoft keepingall of the install media is altogether useless as is their Support. I have aLenovo yoga ultrabook. Of course it came with windows 8 I have since run the recommendedupdate to windows 8.1 and then later paid for the upgrade to 8.1 Pro $129. I nowfind myself needing to restage my laptop. Microsoft is proving to be absolutelyuseless. Every copy of all the product key I have (8.1 & 8.1 Pro) fail towork or give me errors. The latest key I had for 8.1 I saved to a folder on myNAS along with the install exe when I run the install exe. I have BTWdownloaded the install twice now (2 hours both times) using the product key Ihave on file and when I later run the install it tells me my key is not theright key for this version of windows HOW can that possibly be since it is thekey I used to download the install package and the setup wizard box told me mykey checked out. God help us when is someone going to come along with analternative to windows.
    Oh AND BTW I have a listing in my Microsoft account for thecopy of Windows 8.1 that I purchased for $129. And the bottom line is I reallywant and expect to be able to use the copy of windows that I shelled out the$129 for.

    So any way I’m on my 2nd day trying to get thisdone chasing rabbits down their endless rabbit holes. I finally get to a pagethat appears that it may offer some hope it is an overview of how to locate myproduct key but… (Who would’ve guessed it?) the link goes to a page that tellsme the page I’m looking for has moved or is no longer available. How sooo verymuch like the New Microsoft

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    Try this vbs script to get the OEM & Installed keys---

    ShowKey v1.3.vbs

    Click image for larger version
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    download and create windows 8.1 Pro software (using the link in my sig below)
    It will ask for a product key - type in your retail pro key

    Or you can download windows 8.1 and it will read the bios embedded product key - then go to control panel - add windows features and type in your pro product key
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key is not the right key for this version of windows
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