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Where to download Windows 8.1 for ASUS ROG G751 Series G75

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    Yeah, if you download the wrong version it rejects the embedded key and prompts you to enter one. Entering the OEM key will not work as it already rejected it. Once you install the correct matching version it reads the key and your not prompted to enter one.

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    Hello everyone.

    I just received an Asus ROG G751-JT Laptop which did not come with a Recovery Disc. Does anyone know where to get an Asus G751-JT Recovery Disc containing Windows 8/8.1?

    Thanks to everyone in advance!!!
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    Yes with window 8.1 on a G751 you still have a recover partition. You can use Asus Backtracker I linked you to the FAQ page where you'll learn how to use it. and down load the latest version.
    Now then all that said, you should be using an aftermarket Imaging/Backup software I and many others like Macrium Reflect. You can use the free version to create an Image of your C:/ complete Hard Drive/SSD and keep in on an external USB hard drive. Much more reliable than Asus's Backtracker.

    You will need aftermarket software for sure once you move up to Windows 10 since Asus Backtracker will not work in ten. Asus depends totally on Windows recovery.

    For all your Drivers windows 8 8.1 & 10 Asus Support Downloads

    For more information on your Asus Gaming notebook come see us on the ROG Forum lots more help on specific things to your ROG Notebook.
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    Thanks Clntlgm.

    I should add to this that the laptop I received does not have the recovery partition - it was wiped prior to ever receiving the laptop, so I am kind of screwed there. However, I do have the drivers from the Asus website and I also have a 3rd party backup software which I intend to back up the hard drive, if I could get my hands on recovery discs for this unit.

    I like having the recovery discs in case I need to rebuild the hard drive. The recovery discs saves time on having to install drivers after the laptop is rebuilt, and of course - other Asus goodies that is not available from their website.

    Is there any chance anyone has recovery discs for these units? I have the G751-JT unit.
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    There was never an recovery disk made unless you made your own USB Thumb drive with Backtracker. You can check out the people in ROG forum someone might upload one for you that's a large upload minimum 16 GB I think the people were using 32 GB Thumb Drives with Back Tracker. I already gave you a link to the ROG Forum.
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Where to download Windows 8.1 for ASUS ROG G751 Series G75
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