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    Windows 8.1 - Refresh back to Windows 8


    I'm on the lookout for a bit of assistance!

    Up until yesterday I had been using Windows 8 with no problems. I never bothered upgrading to Windows 8.1 as I had no problems, games ran fine, pc never crashed, etc. etc. I had automatic windows updates disabled to prevent going on to Windows 8.1 for this reason.

    However, following a random virus scan it appears that updates were re-enabled and I had a prompt to restart my pc to upgrade to Windows 8.1. I stupidly accepted this thinking 'hey how can it be that bad'. Well, not realising that Windows 8.1 was not really designed for gamers I found that I had quite a few issues with my high DPI mouse. So, I tried to fix this with various Windows patches which would not install, essentially on further research, most people in forums and alike said you're stuck with it.

    So, I thought there must be a way to go back to Windows 8 and upon research I found that I needed to download an ISO version? (sorry I'm not very technically minded) as my Windows 8 was pre-installed. I then created,using the cmd prompt, an image of my pc so I could 'refresh' my pc. I assumed this would get me back to Windows 8 but I found that it's just put me back at Windows 8.1 and used a considerable amount of hardrive space.

    I now just want to reformat and go back to how I had things before. Is this possible given that I don't have a CD version of Windows 8? If so, does anyone know the process of getting me back to Windows 8 even if that involves losing all my files etc.

    Many thanks in advance.


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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    1) What brand of computer or laptop?

    2) Backup your data before attempting anything please

    3) If you have a branded computer (as in DELL, HP, etc) then it probably has a factory restore image which you can use to get your pc back to the same day when you purchased it (that is with Windows 8 not 8.1 since it's a factory restoration image)

    4) If cannot find the factory restore image, then you need to download the Windows 8 ISO (not 8.1)

    I have a genuine Windows 8 DVD but I don't know if the forum rules here allow me to share it, hope a mod can shed some light on this

    On a side note, it is quiet shocking how 8.1 which is supposed to be a huge upgrade has issues with your mouse and 8 didn't, from what I noticed, my Logitech G602 lagged so much even on a clean Windows 8.1 installation, the way I solved it was, it seems that these wireless mouse bluetooth receivers that you plug in to your USB port have huge lag issues if you have an external USB HDD connected in their vicinity, so what I did was, move the USB external HDD to the left port on my laptop and keep the mouse dongle on the right side. Also make sure that the USB dongle is as close as possible to your mouse with no obstructions in between.
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    Windows 3.1 > Windows 10

    right click start flag > command prompt(admin)

    Type> diskpart

    type> select disk 0

    type> list partition (post a pic)

    type> list volume (post a pic)

    you will see a lot of partitions without drive letters assigned..
    Now find the 10-20GB volume #

    type> select volume # (# being the volume number without a drive letter)

    type> assign letter=r

    You can now Browse thru R and find Install.wim or Install.swm(s) - those are your Factory recovery Images..

    type> exit (to exit diskpart)

    type> reagentc /disable

    type> C:\Windows\System32\Reagentc /Setosimage /Path R:\RecoveryImage /Target C:\Windows /Index 1

    assuming the install* file(s) are on "R" and in a folder called "RecoveryImage"
    - change drive letter and folder name to suit your system setup

    type> reagentc /enable

    reboot PC

    Then go to control panel > recovery > Create a recovery drive..
    At that point you will have the factory recovery on a usb stick..
    And you should be able to reset and refresh using via the factory images..
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Windows 8.1 - Refresh back to Windows 8
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