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Samsung Laptop Can't Boot Up (LCD Broken)

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    Samsung Laptop Can't Boot Up (LCD Broken)

    Whenever I press the power key, the screen lights up with "matrix" like screen. Then whatevery key I press it reboots.

    Please help I can't see what's happening because the laptop screen is broken.

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    Well you have three options....

    1. Send to Samsung for repairs, hopefully under warranty and if not and want instant gratification then take to your local computer shop.

    2. Hook the computer to an external screen whether that is a computer monitor or TV and see if you have different results.

    3. Pull out the HDD and try to boot using another computer.

    If you try the external monitor and the results are the same then there is something wrong with more then your screen. If the computer renders Windows just fine then you need a new screen which you could pay to have replaced or watch a youtube video on how to do it yourself.
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    Thanks for your reply.

    1. Maybe I'll try that.

    2. I tried connecting it to our TV with HDMI or VGA but both did not work.

    3. Can't find any of our computers that have the same connector.

    We tried to open the motherboard, removed the laptop monitor, but still nothing. When I tried to connect the laptop monitor again, it still boots but still no display.
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    try booting up via cd/dvd or usb using windows setup media

    and see if you get a normal screen
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    So we used our external hardrive reader and we put the hdd of the laptop in..

    I'll tell you if something's up. For now we'll try to clean install windows in it.

    Thanks again mate.
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    I have a Positivo Firstline notebook without HDD and with a broken screen working... I have installed Windows XP into a 32 GB pendrive and connected the rig to an old 15" LCD. It became a kind of ThinPC, but works fine...

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    Is the text in screen garbled in this Matrix Like Screen? Can you access the BIOS setup menu?
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    We sent it to a laptop repair shop and they fixed it. They removed the LCD monitor so we could use it with VGA or HDMI.

    It works fine now. Thanks for your support.

    We're having a new problem though on our another samsung laptop. I'll post another thread.

    Thanks again.
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Samsung Laptop Can't Boot Up (LCD Broken)
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