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Problems installing windows 8 (particularly formatting)

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    Problems installing windows 8 (particularly formatting)

    Ok so this problem has been irking me for months preventing me from using my new computer rig. Anyways when installing windows 8 while going to select the hard drive the error "we can't create a partition or locate an existing one" I've tried the method where you enter the repair my computer section and go into command prompt but each time I try the command "CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY" I get one of two errors either a cyclic redundancy check error or a request could not be preformed I/O error please help.

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    hello ,and welcome to eightforums ,hopefully someone will/can help you with the issue ,but lets first start with filling in your system specs so helpers wont have to ask what you are using ,check link for a how to on adding system specs ,good luck .

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    yeah, nobody knows what you have.. but start with the tutorials here on this forum.

    Clean Install - Windows 8
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    The message normally means you already have a required partition on the drive so another one cannot be created. Since this appears to be a homebuilt, we don't know if you installed as UEFI or Legacy.

    A picture of your Disk Management window would help. Use the snipping tool to take it and attach using the paperclip on the Advanced Replies.

    If you are trying to install the OS for the first time, and there is no other OS or data on the drive, you should be able to remove any other partitions during the install or use Shift+F10 during the install on the language selection page to open a command prompt and use Diskpart to clean the drive. Do not use "clean all".
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    If you want to ensure smooth migration from windows 7 to windows 8 you must follow the following steps:-
    Did you even bother to READ what the OP is asking? It's NOT about migrating from Win7 to Win8; instead, it's about not being able to get past the partitioning step in a Clean Install of Win8!
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Problems installing windows 8 (particularly formatting)
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