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some questions about upgrading from windows 8.1 to win 10

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    Windows 10 Preview

    some questions about upgrading from windows 8.1 to win 10

    ok so i am currently on windows 8.1 and im trying windows 10 in a VM.

    some questions is that

    • if i install windows 10 over windows windows 8.1 would it activate automatically my windows 8 key work?(Purchased windows 8 separately)

    • would my installation be permanent? or when time for windows 10 to officially launches would i be locked out of windows and forced to reinstall? I heard a rumor that people who purchased windows 8 may receive windows 10 as a free update.

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    First answer? Don't do it yet. Windows 10 is a Technical Preview, a test version. It is not, as the warnings state, intended to be used in production or on your only computer. It will be a few to several months before the finished product is released.

    First question, it has its own Product Key.

    Second question, it will be permanent until the release of the finished product but it will be quite unstable in various areas although a number of folks are having no problems. I have it on a used computer by itself, preferred not to do the Virtual Machine thing. As far as I know it hasn't been firmed up whether one can upgrade the final product or have clean install. And all I've seen in various sites that rumor is still a rumor, but then Microsoft hasn't been known to give much away, or they could follow Apple with its free upgrade to OS X 10 Yosemite.
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    First of all don't believe in everything you read or hear even on the internet until theres proof. I almost messed my windows vista pc up trying a preview of windows 8 back when it first came out. Secondly wait till the final product or a few fixes have come out first before you get it. The first round of a os will always have issues for a lot of people.
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    Or just make full backup/image of boot disk, install/upgrade W10. That way you can be back to 8.1 in short time.
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    Windows 10 Preview

    so far i have moved it from from a virtual machine to a dualboot partition on my laptop to to really test on my hardware. so far so good. acts great no issues yet. and i dont think i'll be installing over windows 8.1 just yet, i dont want to run the risk of being locked out when comes release day and having to reinstall (something like that happened to me on windows 7 going to 8). but what i may do is when my new TB hard drive comes i may mirror my windows 8.1 and install over it and see how it acts.
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    Don`t dare wipe out your 8.1

    Install it on another drive as you`ve suggested, W10 is nothing to get excited over yet.
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    yeah.. you got to be joking right? you must know, especially with the way programmers are these days, that you should wait at-least another 3-6 months before you even touch windows 10..

    let the "guinea pigs" to do what you are about to do, deal with windows 10 and the problems that will arise for the first 80 patches/security updates/hardware failed detections..

    it's good to be on the latest n' greatest front, but have any of the latest things been working until much later?

    -apple os (all kinds of issues needed to get fixed..)
    -apple ipad/iphone software (missing features and everything problems!)
    -windows 8.0 (well. i think you know this one..)
    -windows 7 (in the beginning as well)
    you get the picture..
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    The main problem you'll encounter if you do such an in-place "upgrade" is that you will NOT be able to "downgrade" later to get back to Win8.1; instead, you would have to do a clean install, starting all over again with a fresh copy of Win8.1.

    I have Win10TP on a separate disk -- and plan to keep it that way until well after the production release, when I'm finally convinced that Win10 is a worthwhile replacement for Win8.1.
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    Windows 10 Preview

    the more i look at windows 10 the more i grow impatient and bored of windows 8.1... im really feeling like upgrading to windows 10 now.. that multi desktop feature is my favorite feature in linux and i always wanted id for windows...
    also seeing how windows 10 will be a free upgrade im positive that when the final ver comes out we will get a smooth update to final version without reinstalling (i hope)
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    I tried the trial 10 & had a Macrium image of my 8.1.

    I didn't want to keep 10 so I reverted to 8.1 with the image with no problems.
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some questions about upgrading from windows 8.1 to win 10
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