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Jump Drive with Win 8.1 pro will not install on new ssd

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    I missed something...when I click create it wants to download an Windows.iso how do I get the Winpayload file back?

    I shouldn't have deleted all the zip files also. Get me started back and I can use your "Create Wim Iso. as my guide.

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    You renamed winpayload.esd.decrypt to install.esd - where did you put that file? C:\temp? yes because you ran the createwiniso program and it almost finished twice..

    Then according to your post(s) you create a x64 folder and copied it there and you said you also hade it on your desktop,, then in another post (because someone did not know what was going on) you stated you deleted the temp files and zip files..

    So I have no clue where you are at - but you need to get back to where you were before..
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    I deleted everything when i thought i had an exploit.
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    create recovery media

    then run the windows 8.1 media tool

    find that appdata \ \ download folder

    copy the decrypt file

    rename decrypt file and place in c\temp

    extract and copy those files to c\temp

    run the createwimiso command

    double click to mount the new ISO image the program created

    run image prep

    open the sources folder on the recovery media usb and delete all the files within that sources folder

    copy the two new wim files from c\temp (install and boot) to the sources folder on the recovery media usb

    copy the two needed config files to the sources folder on the recovery media usb - depending on bios or uefi boot

    boot from recovery media usb on the SSD PC and select "reset windows 8.1"

    that's it in a nut shell..

    And all the info and files and program are all within this thread..
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    What is happening here:

    Click image for larger version
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    Can't under stand this.

    .Click image for larger version
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    open the CBS log file - found in the windows directory

    and if you read the red txt - it says the program is not recognized or found - and you admitted to removing the file

    as the program script only runs DISM commands

    DISM Image Management Command-Line Options
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    Click image for larger version which one?
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    Click image for larger version
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Jump Drive with Win 8.1 pro will not install on new ssd
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