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Move Windows from SATA SSD to M.2 SATA SSD on laptop

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    Move Windows from SATA SSD to M.2 SATA SSD on laptop

    My new laptop has currently 8.1 installed to a 500gig 840 EVO SSD, I replaced the 1tb hard drive it came with and did a clean install.

    I'd like to utilize the M.2 sata port with a Crucial M550 500gig drive for windows, and re-install the 1tb hard drive for storage.

    I have an external USB 2.5" SATA enclosure I can create an image of my current SSD/8.1 to, then I assume using Acronis or some such, restore the image to the M.2 SSD once it's installed.

    I suspect Windows is going to object to having been moved from a regular SATA SSD to the M.2 SSD.
    I'm not sure how Windows see's a M.2 (non-pcie, it's regular SATA M.2) VS a "regular" SATA port.
    It's an HP Envy i7 laptop fwiw so it should be all Intel hardware.

    Any thoughts/experience? Am I over-thinking it?

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    That should work fine, as long as bios recognizes the M2 drive. Have done similar with many msata's, all went well. Restore the image, remove the original drive, and see if it boots, no harm can be done by this.

    Am recommending having a windows installation usb stick available, can be used to fix windows boot settings if needed. And keep the original image safe for some time until one is 111% sure all is well. Good luck.
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    Well, if you use a disk cloner and try to boot from the msata it should work fine. You will need to go to the BIOS and change the boot to the msata. Use this disk cloner as I have used it in the past and it works great and best of all its free.

    Just be sure that the source drives windows partition that is being copied is smaller than the total size of the msata drive so it copies correctly.

    EaseUS Disk Copy Freeware - Free Disk Copy, Disk Clone Software download to Clone Hard Drive

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    Yeah, I'm about to reinstall my windows to my m.2 NGFF drive.. (64gig) ..

    and i want to use my Samsung 840 Evo (250gig) for applications/games etc..

    the only thing i'm a little concerned with is that the m.2 card is slightly slower than the samsung evo.. so maybe windows will boot slightly slower as well.. boo..
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    The only M.2 SATA/NGFF drive I've found that seems to perform about as well as a regular 840 evo ssd is that
    Crucial M550. Not cheap though.
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Move Windows from SATA SSD to M.2 SATA SSD on laptop
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