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Boot Menu & Multi-Harddrive booting

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    Boot Menu & Multi-Harddrive booting

    OK. My computer multi-boots to Windows 7 & 8 right now. 8 is on an SSD.

    I am thinking about adding another HDD, moving 8 to the new HDD, and installing Windows 10 [Technical Preview] onto the SSD. If I disconnect the drives with 7 & 8 during the install, then add them to the boot menu after, can I make the computer boot to the HDD with 8, have that boot menu default to 8, with 7 & 10 as options, and if I make the computer boot off the SSD default to 10 with 7 & 8 as options?

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    I am assuming that you have W7 & 8 installed using MBR style and they are both running 64 bit.
    1. With Windows 8 running. Open Admin command prompt and type: bcdedit /export BCDbackup to save your current BCD. copy BCDbackup to somewhere safe.
    2. With the HD connected. Download Macrium Rescue disk from here: and use: Rufus - Create bootable USB to create a bootable USB stick. then boot up your PC with it.
    3. On the first screen. Select Backup tab, select the SSD as source, click "Clone This disk", click next, select the HD as destination disk. Make sure you select the correct one.
    4. Shutdown. Disconnect the SSD and connect the HD to the cable that was connected to the SSD. set the boot priority to the HD in BIOS then reboot.
    5. If everything boot up as expected. Shutdown and connect the SSD
    6. Boot up Windows 10 TP installation media then select the SSD to install Windows 10
      NOTE: delete all partitions from the SSD then click next.

    Hope this helps.
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    Over there!
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    Win8.1x84 [SSD] / Win7 Ult x64 [HD]

    Update: Windows 7 did not like having the motherboard replaced [Asus couldn't repair the first board in 3 attempts, Sent defective new board that had to go back...Over 3 months to get replacement board]

    Need to get Win7 up and running the way I want it before I mess with Windows 8, may be a few more days...

    I want to also boot to Windows 98SE [mostly to play] and I think installing that before Win10 would be the right way to do it.
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Boot Menu & Multi-Harddrive booting
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