Good morning,

I have a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro convertible laptop. These laptops have an incredibly high resolution (3200x1800) which is fantastic. One of the unintended consequences that I didn't anticipate is just how difficult things would be to see. Everything is properly scaled in Metro mode but I rarely use that. In desktop mode, the majority of applications would have problems where the buttons would be far too small and the text would be as well.

When I first got the laptop a year ago, I adjusted the individual scaling options which caused my settings to be "funky". Some of the applications (chrome for instance) did updates and they now properly scale on their own without any help from Windows. Other applications (Eclipse, Netbeans, many others that don't come to my head at the moment) have funky scaling where the menu bar is oversized and in some dialogue boxes the text seems to be too large for its assigned area.

With that long explanation aside, all I'm looking to do is find a "default" button to restore all my scaling settings and options to windows default so I can just restart from zero and try to fix what I've broken. This is on Windows 8.1.

Thanks for your time,