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Updating 7 year old PC from Win7 32bit to Win8.1 64bit

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    Updating 7 year old PC from Win7 32bit to Win8.1 64bit

    The CPU is an old Core2Duo that supports 64bit
    This computer meets the minimum requirements listed for Windows 8.1 and the upgrade assistant tool says everything but safeboot will work (which im fine with)

    My concern is taking a computer that has been running 32bit for 7 years and making it run 64bit, making an old CPU work harder seems like a bad idea to me but 32bit is outdated now so id really like to upgrade without buying a new computer yet

    Is there anyone here that has upgraded a very old PC from 32bit to 64bit, and if so what should i expect
    Also should i just get windows 7 64bit since the computer is so old, i plan to format and figured since i have to format i may as well just get the latest version of windows, but if win7 is better for older computers ill just get that

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    I run windows 10 x64 on 2006 core2duo. Prior to that I ran 8.1 x64. I believe 8.1 uses slightly less resources than 7 and it is certainly smaller. I would go for that as the upgrade to 10 (might be) free or cheaper from Windows 8.

    Note you can't upgrade from 32 bit to 64 bit you'll need to do a clean install. This is a good thing anyway as it will reduce the clutter that has accumulated over the years. See here for details Clean Install - Windows 8
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    Quote Originally Posted by TommyTheTank View Post
    My concern is taking a computer that has been running 32bit for 7 years and making it run 64bit, making an old CPU work harder seems like a bad idea to me but 32bit is outdated now
    How much RAM is there on the PC?

    Unless it's 4GB or more, in my opinion at least, I wouldn't bother with going to 64-bit unless you have some specific software that needs it. If it's 2GB or less, then I'd definitely stick with 32-bit.

    Edit: The other advantage of sticking with 32-bit is that if might be easier to find working drivers for all the devices. I believe that 64-bit drivers can be different and harder to find for an older machine.
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    Core 2 Duo, 1.6GHz on P5k MB and 2 GB of ram with Nv 8500 GPU happily running Win8.1.1, x64 on my friend's computer, he swears it's better than Win7 he had before it.
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    I'm was running Windows 8.1.1 X64 on my Acer Laptop. Just did a clean install of Windows 10 TP build 9879.

    1.6 GHz Athlon 64 Single-Core TF-20
    4GB DDR2 RAM
    128GB Kingston SSD

    Runs pretty good.
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    If you have a CPU that supports 64 bit than it is a 64bit CPU and if your OS is only on 32 bit than you are under using your CPU.

    Personally I would use Windows 10 but I only dual boot windows, I don't have a dedicated PC for it.
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Updating 7 year old PC from Win7 32bit to Win8.1 64bit
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