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Allocating usable space to install W8.1 on my desktop PC

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    Allocating usable space to install W8.1 on my desktop PC

    Having successfully installed Win8.1 on my laptop machine I'm trying to do the same on my desktop machine but am having problems allocating useable space on the hard drive. I want to create a dual boot situation until I've transferred all my programs to the Windows 8.1 partition. I followed the tutorial on this forum to do that for my laptop and I'm just trying to do the same for my desktop PC.

    My PC is an Acer Aspire M5910 and came already partitioned with two user partitions so it looked like this

    Partition 1 PQSERVICE Primary
    Partition 2 System Reserved Primary
    Partition 3 Acer Primary (Win 7 operating system)
    Partition 4 DATA Primary

    Using EaseUS Partition Master I've shrunk and moved the 3rd partition, Acer, so I have 200GB of unallocated space between partition 2 and partition 3. When I run the Windows 8.1 install and specify the unallocated space as the place to install in I get an error message

    "Windows cannot be installed to this hard disk space. The selected disk has the maximum number of partitions of this type."

    If I go back to EaseUS Partition Master and select the unallocated space and try to create a partition it says "Please convert an existed primary partition to logical partition and try again." I have converted partiton 4, DATA, to logical but I just get the same error messages. I'd appreciate some advice on this. Thank you.

    My present partitioning looks like this

    Partition 1 PQSERVICE Primary 16.0GB
    Partition 2 System Reserved Primary 100.0MB
    Unallocated space 202.3GB
    Partition 3 Acer Primary 255.1GB
    Partition 4 DATA Logical 458.0GB


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    Hi Rachel,

    Your HD was configured using MBR style and the maximum number of primary partitions you can create is 4.
    What you need to do is moving the 202.3 GB unallocated partition to the end, merge with partition 4 to make partition 4 = 202.3+458 GB. Next, shrink the partition 4 back to 458 GB and that will leave a 202.3 logical, unallocated partition then you can install Windows 8 with it.
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    Thanks topgundcp. I'll have a look at that.

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    Hi topgundcp. I tried your suggestion but got the same response when trying to create the new partition. In the end I looked for an existing partition that I wasn't using that I could delete. I finally backed up the PQSERVICE partition and then deleted it. I was then able to create a partition for my Windows 8 installation and now have a working copy of Windows 8.1 .

    Thanks for your interest. Your suggestion did point me in the right direction.

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Allocating usable space to install W8.1 on my desktop PC
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