Hi guys,

I'm struggeling with the following problem for a long time.

I'm using windows 8.1 enterprise to go for my work because i have to switch computers a lot. Most of the time it works great.
However sometimes the windows installation will corrupt and since windows to go had no system repair i have to install a new image.

Because of this problem i have created 3 partitions on my WD My Passport (which runs W2G), 1 is the system reserved partition, 2 is the OS en the 3th is my data partion. (the last two are bitlocker encrypted)
I regularly create a WIM image using DISM of my OS partition and i save it on my DATA partition so i don't lose my settings programs etc.

This way i can restore the latest WIM if my OS gets corrupted in some way. However i only can do a restore on a computer where I have administrator rights (since i have to assign driveletters to the WD disk and i have to use an elevated command prompt). And at my work or at clients i obviously don't have these rights.

Therefore i was wondering if it is possible to create another partition on my WD disk on which i would install WinPE. In that case if my OS doesn't work i could boot into WinPE en do my WIM restore.

I tried installing EasyBCD on my windows to go installation to create a boot screen with the possibility to select the WinPE installation.
However for some reason it keeps booting the WinPE disk immediatly and i am not able to start windows anymore.

So my question is:Is it possible to create a dualboot installation with as default Windows 8.1 to go and second WinPE? And if possible how can i do this.

Thanks in advance!