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Forced 8.1 upgrade

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbwilsha View Post
    BTW, Harry, I strongly advise that you NOT try reverting to a clean install of Windows 7. Your profile doesn't show your complete model number but there are quite a few Toshiba Windows 8 laptops that are not supported for Windows 7. And even if yours is, you would have to manually install all necessary drivers and Toshiba utilities to make your laptop perform as it should. Here is a link to your C-855 USER'S GUIDE. It would be helpful if you read the section "Recovering the Internal Storage Drive" starting on page 54.
    Thanks for mentioning that. It never would have occurred to me that I can't just format & lay on a fresh Windows7 installation. I've always preferred to have separate, full disks of whichever operating system I'm using. Somehow it just doesn't seem like a good idea to have everything you need on a single hard drive. Just a personal preference.
    However, from what I've read it looks I can run Win 7 but will still have to manually install the drivers. What a pain. This stuff is not as much fun as it was when my brain was 20 years younger.

    So I'll reset to 8 and start from there. Shouldn't be a problem. I'd like to use 8.1 before I dump it all, anyway.

    Thanks again for all the help!

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    You're welcome, Harry. I sure hope it all works out. And, incidentally, I learned just yesterday in two other threads that Microsoft is pushing out 8.1 in some cases without being requested so you were apparently right about the involuntary installation you received.

    "This stuff is not as much fun as it was when my brain was 20 years younger". I'll be 86 next month so I understand your frustration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbwilsha View Post
    I'll be 86 next month.
    I would not have ever guessed! I'm only 50 and already just about to the point of "technology overload". It's great having all this information literally right at your fingertips but sometimes I just miss having to walk across the room and change channels on the TV. And if there's nothing interesting on the other 2 a book, go fishing, clean the house, or whatever.

    I dunno how you continue to have the patience for it, but power to you! & Happy Birthday next month!
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Forced 8.1 upgrade
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