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Dual Booting Cloned Partition - Incorrect drive letter

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    Dual Booting Cloned Partition - Incorrect drive letter

    I have a single drive partitioned into 2.

    I installed windows 8.1 onto partition C.
    I cloned partition C onto partition D using EaseUS Backup.
    I used easyBCD to add a boot entry for partition D.

    I know if you do two separate installtions through the installer, windows makes the drive letter it boots from into drive letter C. This retains the proper path links and ensures compatibility for all applications.

    But with the clone when i boot into drive D, it doesn't rename itself into drive C. How can I get the rename functionality enabled so it works properly?

    What I have now is windows starting from drive D, but all the links point to drive C for everything including the desktop.

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    I solved it the issue. It was because that the disk lettering was already enumerated for the other partition on the initial installation. You couldn't change it in disk management since it was in use.

    I opened the registry on disk d remotely.

    Those keys are what gives the drives the letters, but they have to be removed remotely and not within the installation
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Dual Booting Cloned Partition - Incorrect drive letter
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