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Install Server on my desktop and start a domain?

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    Chester, UK
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    Install Server on my desktop and start a domain?

    I have a lot of desktops and laptops that don't leave the house. I also have a work office at home as well and wanted to know if I could install Windows Server 2008 or 2012 on a desktop and start a domain. I know how to do this if I can but don't want to go ahead if its not possible. The stand-alone workstations run Windows 8 Enterprise and Windows 8.1 Enterprise.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    Hi there.

    It's quite easy to run a server on a desktop - but you need to make a few changes too if you want to use that desktop as a workstation as well.

    However if it's just simple file / print / multi-media sharing I'd simply install a Linux distro as a VM. Virtualising your server would provide the client desktops with the service they need and you could still use the computer as another workstation !!

    What do you actually want the client computers to be able to do. Note also if you want to SHARE applications like Office you will need to install Terminal services and probably have to mess around with Client Licenses so you really need to know exactly what you need to do first.

    I still though think it's best to VIRTUALISE your server whether it's Linux or Windows though. Post back on what you want to do as the possibilities here are endless.

    Here's some reading to start with. !!!!

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    Chester, UK
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    Windows 8 Industry Enterprise

    The reasons I want a domain is so I can force group policy, have one user account per person as a pose to having to create one on each pc for them, and so I can save files to a central location.
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    AFAIK, ActiveDirectory, which is the software which lets you create domains, is only distributed with Windows Server now. So you'd have to go to a lot of work trying to decouple the two. That said, SAMBA can act as a domain controller and it's free. Just keep in mind that setting up ActiveDirectory is a difficult enough task if you haven't done it a few times already, and setting up SAMBA will require even more effort because the documentation will likely be scattered all over the Internet or possibly not even exist.

    If you only have 1-2 systems, a domain isn't really going to help. You can look into adjusting permissions though. You could create a special group for every user account but yours and make each user a member of that group, meaning they would be bound by those restrictions and you don't have to apply the settings to each account individually.
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Install Server on my desktop and start a domain?
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