Hi there
much as I like Office 2010 and will continue to use it I find it a bit frustrating to have to re-activate it every time I use my Win 8 to go system on different computers -- even though I do have an Enterprise version.

The Enterprise version of Office 2007 seems much more tolerant -- I tested my win2go on 8 different machines - all with different hardware - some INTEL CPU's some AMD's.

Wasn't required to activate it again EVEN ONCE !!so I'm going to use Office 2007 Enterprise - Luckily I still had the old install disk from work.

Note this is a LEGAL copy -- no keygens / hacks / poodlefaking activation servers etc.

(You WILL have to activate it the first time after installing it).

It still gives security updates etc from Ms update and I believe its still supported until mid 2015 and there isn't a lot of difference if any in the document formats between 2010 and 2007).

So now I have a nice PROPER portable system with a decent version of Office on it.