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Should I Install The Drivers That Came With My Motherboard

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    Does Device Manager report that you're missing any drivers?
    No it does not. One strange thing, however. Before I installed the drivers from MSI there were several entries in Device Manager that were using Microsoft drivers (Bluetooth for example). After I installed the MSI drivers they were then listed as Intel, Realtek, etc.

    I guess what happens is Windows has the ability to "drive" almost all common hardware and comes with those drivers by default. Then, when you install the drivers from the manufacturer, management of the device is handed over to that driver.

    This makes me wonder..., Let's say you don't install the manufacturer's drivers for a hardware device and Windows uses it's own drivers. Will the hardware operate in a limited capacity since Windows drivers are generic and don't know how to hand any extended features that the device might have? Is there even such a thing as a generic driver that only covers the core functionality of a device or do drivers always have to cover all the features?
    Yes, that's exactly why you get a change in device's name after proper drivers are installed. In order for some parts to work during installation, Windows installs generic drivers just to make them functional. If windows installation had proper drivers for everything out there, it would be tens of GB !!! Generic drivers that work on hundreds of different devices (video cards, disk controllers, network adapters etc.) without which OS would not install at all are included but later on, after installation they could be checked over internet against much larger base of drivers. PnP devices have unique HW IDs which can be used to find exact make and model and can be checked in MS database of drivers and that's when they get their proper name because it's only than when they can be properly identified.
    Even than, they nay not come with programs for their adjustment and control, so if you want more you'll have to go to manufacturer's site to get it all. Laptops have another problem, devices installed may be different in different countries or regions and manufacturers often change some parts according to sub-model so you have to look closely to the sticker on them to find out which it is exactly. Motherboards also may have different versions of almost same MB and that can make difference in drivers too. That may be critical in finding exact BIOS update, get a wrong one and MB is bricked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tackyjan View Post
    I went to to download drivers for my other computer (an N550JK laptop) and looked at all the available downloads.
    For some reason ASUS shows drivers from two or more different manufactures for the same device!
    The same model of computer will have various components/parts that can change depending on price/availability at the time you purchased it. The processor is usually the one thing that won't change, although even that isn't always the case.
    This is especially true for network/bluetooth/wi-fi adapters.

    Two ways to remedy that and get the right driver :

    * Open your PC and check directly the part and look for brand/model number
    * Launch Device Manager > Right-click on the device > Properties > Details > Select Hardware IDs
    This will show you IDs specific for your hardware, and embedded in it. It contains Vendor and Device ID in the form VEN_XXXX and DEV_XXXX.
    You can use any search engine to find what it corresponds to.
    A good specialized one is PCI Vendor and Device Lists (It doesn't host drivers which is good since you won't be tempted)

    When looking for a driver, I do not recommend downloading them from driver sites, they might not be safe and contain malware. Find the vendor's name, then go to the manufacturer site directly.
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Should I Install The Drivers That Came With My Motherboard
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