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windows 8.1 on hdd move to ssd

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    Win 8.1 pro X64

    windows 8.1 on hdd move to ssd

    Hey guys my old laptop just got blue screen of death and have now taken my 60gb sdd ocz agility 3 series out of it and want to put it in my pc. i currently have windows 8.1 pro installed on it and want to move my win 8.1 from hdd to sdd without having to use my key again because im sure that i can only use my key once. Further on that i bought my key over the phone from microsoft. I dont care about my programs because theyre all downloadable again and all my personal stuff has been moved to 2tb external hdd. I would ultimately be using my current 1 tb internal drive to keep all my personal stuff and programs on it after the move. Any guides on doing this or precise instructions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Win 8.1 pro X64


    really surprised that out of 80 view i have no responses at all. Guess i'll have to post elsewhere to find an answer!
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    You can't just "move" a Windows install from one machine to another because of the likely driver differences between the two machines.

    Several Windows utility companies make product that allow you to migrate a Windows installation from one machine to another. The one I've used is Macrium Reflect Pro -- and the way it works is the following:
    1) Install MR Pro on a working PC
    2) Create boot media on that PC -- CD or USB, whichever one you want to use
    3) Obtain drivers needed for the "migration" PC -- the one you want to contain the "migrated" Windows version. Copy these drivers to CD or USB stick
    4) Connect the "old" drive to "migration" PC
    5) Boot from the MR boot media you made
    6) Use the option to migrate to different hardware
    7) Insert the CD/USB containing the drivers when prompted

    The app will now install the drivers needed from the CD/USB stick you provided.

    When done, you reboot the PC and it will be working -- with the proper drivers now.

    However, you might have to call Microsoft to enable Windows activation on the new hardware.
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windows 8.1 on hdd move to ssd
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